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- Adele Anderson your destiny life coach

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“Thank you for sharing what you experienced, Adele. Having you in the room to create a safe space for all – a judgment free zone — was precious to me. Thank you for loving on me and all of the attendees. I look forward to connecting again soon. Who you are is beautiful and the world needs you and your brilliance!”

- Lisa Marie Plarske

“As a chef my work is very physically demanding…Adele enabled me to continue my work using our weekly sessions for seven years. She is an amazing healer and incredibly intuitive, sensing your needs on both a physical and emotional level. Thank you Adele for all your great work over the years!”

- Peg Montgomery

“I worked with Adele for 6 years and she is a very knowledgeable lady that was a lifesaver for our family. She even helps with animals. Very organized and always ready to help with good quality advice and smart answers. If you need advice ask Adele, she knows all.”

- Vera Horicky

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Sacred Messenger keep me well

What is the Sacred messenger? Always unique just like you! It could be considered your life line. Your own unique wellness language!

In simple terms, it is the mental emotional or physical symptom we often don’t want to pay attention to. It could be the symptom masked or made invisible. So that we don’t have to feel its’ often uncomfortable expression. A Sacred Messenger is the  “lost language” of our “selves.

What is our lost language? The body provides us personalized mental, emotional and physical signs, feelings, sensations, unease, all signals for us to pay attention to, or in some cases warnings that we are unbalanced or seriously unwell ….I call them the sacred messengers.

Example: It could be repetitive thoughts. Or feelings of irritation. Being short tempered. Anxiety in the pit of your stomach or that nagging feeling of anxiousness. Sleepless when stressed. These are all examples to bring our attention towards our dis-ease.

Example: Getting sick often. Our system is telling us that we are depleted, that maybe we need to rest, de-stress, eat better, be kinder to ourselves.

Classic Example: You go to the Doctor with a bunch of symptoms. You’ve been experiencing sleeplessness, your joints ache, you feel sluggish and your thinking has become unclear. You’ve developed a habit of procrastinating. Exercise no longer matters and you recognize you’re not eating as healthy. You feel that something is wrong.

Doctor please tell me what’s wrong. All the tests come back. You’re in perfect health your Doctor declares!

You go home and continue to feel unwell. A few months later you return to your Doctor, you’re quickly sent off to a specialist just to be sure. Whew, you think, now I’ll know why I am feeling this way. However all the tests return and you’re in perfect health. Or… the symptoms are not to the stage where a diagnosis can be made.

So what is wrong? Maybe something is seriously wrong, investigate further. Be your best advocate. And consider a holistic route that can use these symptoms; to rebalance the system; prior to waiting for a diagnosis.  

Why can’t we be diagnosed? Western medicine requires a syndrome (3 symptoms common to a certain condition) that identifies and labels a “dis”-ease. Until the syndrome is identified, there is no diagnosis.

Eastern or Holistic Medicine utilizes signs and symptoms; sacred messengers” for the prescription.

Body messengers verses Mind messengers:

Why it is important to learn the lost art of body language?

  1. It is your personalized message. Your immune system is telling you something important
  2. You need to learn the language and how to understand it, feel it and articulate what the symptom is.

Why is it important? Because 54% of women who died of heart disease never knew anything was wrong. 67% never mentioned any symptoms to their doctors. Heart disease kills more woman than any other cause. Cancer is 2nd at 22%. Change this out for CDC. This stat is used in closng

The messengers mean something! Do not ignore them, learn to listen and acknowledge them. Body whispers could save your life!

WHY? Because people don’t wake up on Tuesday with Heart disease or Cancer…… signs and symptoms have existed long before pathology became present.

What if we considered sacred messengers as one of your body’s defence mechanisms? Could we then interrupt onset of illness? Science says so. we have a chance to listen, learn and impact our wellbeing, if we don’t suppress its message.

If we consider that messengers bridge the physical, mental & emotional wellbeing, how could your health and wellbeing benefit from this knowledge?

Dr. Lissa Rankin: first a physician and later a researcher, keyed the term “body whispers” as signs and symptoms that we are ignoring: fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, aches & pains, HBP and cholesterol and more.

As a physician, she heard many stories; similar to what I described earlier; and she couldn’t find the solutions for her patients, she wanted to understand why… Her patients were not getting well or kept returning year after year with the same or progressing conditions.

Dr. Rankin goes on to quote studies from Yale, Harvard and articles written in the New England Journal of medicine that state:

Health is holistic; health is the “holistic truth” of you. If you find your truth, you will then find your wellness.

She goes on to challenge each of us to pay attention.

Why don’t we know about the whispers? It’s like a blind spot. We have not been taught to listen, so we are unaware of that they exist.

In the western hemisphere, we are not taught about the holistic nature of our selves. We need to recognize and re-train ourselves to listen to the body whispers.

How do we ignore or suppress Whispers?

  • By medicating, numbing with drugs or alcohol, tobacco, opiates and food.
  • Fears, vulnerability, rejection and shame all keep us from mentioning whispers.
  • Low self-esteem, body image, feeling not good enough and feeling alone all contribute to silencing the whispers.
  • There are so many ways to compensate and disconnect and ignore. But now you know the importance! It could cost us our lives…

How do I start to help myself today?

Begin to tune in…

  • Reconnected to your body to the truth of who you are.
  • Quiet the mind, listen to the signals
    • Consider them assets rather than pesky
    • Be grateful for the whispers as they could save your life
      • Some people choose Yoga, Meditation, writing or journaling. Find your passion, if it quiets the mind you will hear the body whisper.
      • Gentle exercise offers quiet time and reflection
    • Consider a healthy diet and exercise to see if the symptoms change?
    • Keep a record of what worked and what had no effect
      • Remember that dietary changes can take as much as 4 months
    • Avoid things that inhibit your ability to listen.
      • Numbing agents like drugs & alcohol, addictive foods, nicotine, sugar, poor eating habits.
      • Honor your body. It is your temple.


How do I then articulate a well-rounded symptom to a holistic practitioner?

A well rounded symptom is like a three legged stool: It is like navigation, three points of reference.

  1. Sensation
    1. Type of pain
      1. Swelling
      2. Heat
  • Intensity
  1. Location
    1. Where on the body
  2. Modality
    1. Where does it extend to
    2. What other symptoms happen at the same time
    3. Is it always on one side of the body, left or right?
    4. Is there a cycle to it
      1. Appears one a week, one a month, every spring…
      2. Come on with intensity
  • Come quickly and leave quickly
  1. Come slowly and leave quickly
  2. Come slowly and leave slowly
  1. More than one location
  2. What makes the symptom worse
  3. What makes the symptom better



What are immediate ways

I can help myself?
Schedule down-time for yourself

  1. Find things you enjoy such as music, fitness or meditation. Find new possibilities.
  2. Nourishing your mind and spirit stimulates new intentions, hopefulness and expands creativity and dreams.
  3. Learn to do the things you love. By doing things that you love, you learn to be kind to yourself, to love yourself and that improves well-being.
  4. Communicate your needs, be honest.
  5. Fact is women who take care of themselves are happier and healthier. They tend to have healthier happier families, so take care of your needs first; it’s a win/win.
    1. Don’t neglect yourself! The way we treat ourselves will be the standard of how others will treat us!


The way we treat OURSELVES, will be the standard of how others will treat us………


  1. Honor self-love. It is the “perfect pill” choice! Love, gratitude and pleasure are the glue that holds it all together.


Who can help?

  • Psychologists listen without medical intervention, gives guidelines that assist and encourage you to work through psychologically.
  • Naturopaths listen, provide natural support for the body
  • Chinese Medical Doctors listens, with natural intervention
  • Homeopaths Listen for the mind body messengers, apply natural intervention
  • Priests listen
  • Mentors listen but may not have the medical knowledge
  • Coaches listen in the advice free zone and through curious questions allow you to find your inner wisdom
  • Adele is your destiny coach. A licensed Homeopath of 17 years, Master Nero-linguistic Programmer, Hypnotist and a master of mind body linguistics. This unique skill set has evolved over 25 years into mastering the language of Sacred Messengers, providing insight into health and wellbeing as well as what may be holding back your happiness and brilliance. Holistic prescriptions are based on individualized analysis.

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