Before you let anyone or anything decide your destiny, take a slow, deep breath and call me.

- Adele Anderson, your destiny life coach

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“Thank you for sharing what you experienced, Adele. Having you in the room to create a safe space for all – a judgment free zone — was precious to me. Thank you for loving on me and all of the attendees. I look forward to connecting again soon. Who you are is beautiful and the world needs you and your brilliance!”

- Lisa Marie Plarske

“As a chef my work is very physically demanding…Adele enabled me to continue my work using our weekly sessions for seven years. She is an amazing healer and incredibly intuitive, sensing your needs on both a physical and emotional level. Thank you Adele for all your great work over the years!”

- Peg Montgomery

“I worked with Adele for 6 years and she is a very knowledgeable lady that was a lifesaver for our family. She even helps with animals. Very organized and always ready to help with good quality advice and smart answers. If you need advice ask Adele, she knows all.”

- Vera Horicky

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Ask Adele Blog

Mid-life crisis: normal?

Could a mid-life crisis be considered normal? Well is is that uncomfortable feeling that comes along with the innate desire to grow beyond where we are today. So in that sense, yes a mid-life crisis is a choice to drop down a rabbit hole! Haha! Because we all go through these natural stages of our … Continue reading Mid-life crisis: normal?

Decompress Stress

Holiday season often ramps our stress. Maybe we want to please, maybe it is expected that we give. And even though giving is a happiness builder, giving beyond our means might bring stress. Today I offer some understanding of what is happening inside our minds and how we can empower ourselves to have a different … Continue reading Decompress Stress

Fear of flying?

Most of the things we fear are irrational. We all know that. The things we worry about are often unfounded. But there is it, that knot in the pit of our stomach, FEAR! When I was young, I LOVED to fly. I found it exciting and filled with the possibility of going somewhere to have … Continue reading Fear of flying?

NLP Stop Words hold you back

We have all heard that we are what we think. And then what? often we skip along through our day without giving it another thought. And in the end have we pursued or achieved our goals. These words have the power to hold us back from our dreams. When we truly embrace that “we are … Continue reading NLP Stop Words hold you back

NLP does the world lack choice or is it simply perception

Brandler and grinder said it was not the world, but the individuals model of the world that lacks choice. So what does that mean and why is it important to understand? The facts are there are always 2 choices or more that arise from any circumstance. The chocie is our to either take a choice … Continue reading NLP does the world lack choice or is it simply perception

NLP illuminated words to avoid

Why eliminating certain words or using them in ways that work to our avantage empowers parents. When you want your child to break curfew, tell them “don’t be late” . Why is that? Well. certain words are dropped inside the mind. the mind doesn’t know how to process them and so they are simply dropped. … Continue reading NLP illuminated words to avoid

NLp and Framing

How we frame a question or conversation changes the outcome. learn why different ages must have a differently framed question. learn the reasons why teens take greater risk and how you as a parent can influence the conversation parents frame conversation for greater influence

NLP Presuppositions

How assumptions show up in our conversations and how they lead us astray. NLP clarifies what presuppositions are and gives us tools to overcome, paving the way to clear communication

NLP empowers communication

Communication is defined as a 2-way dialogue of sharing ideas. But often when we are wanting our children to conform, communication is a one way street… and then it has a better chance of failing. Empowered parenting

NLP Empowered Communication Command words and

Why is NLP so powerful in communication? because NLP offers us multiple ways to engage the subconscious mind, bypassing the critical thinker within the conscious mind and getting us more of what we want when communicating with our kids.

NLP Logical levels

What is NLP? NLP is neuro-Linguistics Programming and it is a known and proven tool that can change behavior, increase motivation, teach us how we learn, accelerate learning and install the excellence of others. In this video, understand that logical levels are the natural progression of our development. When we want to change our situation … Continue reading NLP Logical levels


Possibility creates worry and anxiety?

Possibility can be GREAT or not so great. Maybe not what you considered, but “possibility” simply is something that could or could not happen. And that makes possibility the unknown. When life choices fall into the unknown, they may create worry and worry creates anxiety. Part of the problem lay in the many choices we … Continue reading Possibility creates worry and anxiety?

Worrying interrupts happiness and changes nothing

The stats are that 97% of what we worry about NEVER HAPPENS. Why do so many of us worry? It can be mistaken as caring. The brain thinking worry is attached to feelings of caring. And neuroscience teaches us that we worry as a solution to the anxiety we feel! Sounds strange but the act of worrying is … Continue reading Worrying interrupts happiness and changes nothing


Investing in Your life for Balance and Fullfillment

Investing In Your Life For Balance and Fulfillment Author: Jane Sandwood Life moves at breakneck speed, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and defeated. We all have the power within ourselves to find balance in life and to live without regrets. These are a direct result of living life in a way that is out of … Continue reading Investing in Your life for Balance and Fullfillment

Are you Bringing or Searching?

Are you searching for purpose or bringing happiness into your life? When we desire anything, the words we use become important. Searching may change the results we get. Psychology and now neuroscience believes that words, like thoughts are powerful mind tools. Both can empower or deny our success. Create the life you desire, by understanding thoughts and … Continue reading Are you Bringing or Searching?

Adele talked about the mind science behind losing weight

Know the difference between failure and choosing because it affects your happiness

Happiness tip 3 Know the difference between failure and choosing. Why do so many have difficulty choosing. Well, it could be that choosing is associated with the possibility of failure. And so, choose nothing. What is choice? An option, or a possible course of action What is failure? Lack of success or feelings of non-fulfillment. … Continue reading Know the difference between failure and choosing because it affects your happiness

Happiness tip 1. Journaling can bring you closer to happiness

  Happiness tip 1 Is something dominating your thoughts today? Try journaling. It’s not uncommon for us to unconsciously lock ourselves into a loop of unhappiness. What is a dominating thought? It could be called ruminating, worry or negativity. And it’s not a good thing. Whenever we are worried or stressed about anything.  The process … Continue reading Happiness tip 1. Journaling can bring you closer to happiness

Sacred Messengers could save your life

If Sacred messengers could save your life. It may be good to know exactly what a sacred messenger is! What is the Sacred messenger? Always unique just like you! It could be considered your life line. Your own unique wellness language! In simple terms. It is the mental emotional or physical symptom. One we often don’t … Continue reading Sacred Messengers could save your life

Are you overweight and feeling lonely? Learn how loneliness interferes with weight loss

Anyone experienced loneliness? They can tell you, the wound of loneliness is deep. As deep as any physical injury. Yet wounds of the mind aren’t often recognized as such. And if you’re trying to lose weight? It’s affecting you more than mentally emotionally. It is affecting your desire for your future.