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Turning Challenge Into Change

They say solutions to our grief will not be found in the intellect, and I believe this is true. I could not think my way out of grief.

Science tells us that everything is energy, understanding that grief is trapped energy is a game changer. Transforming this heavy energy relieves exhaustion and makes us feel light, calm and peaceful, so we can sleep better. And rest rejuvenates our mindset, coping mechanisms and decision making. I am grateful to hold space for you, at all stages of loss, and have found gentle natural rituals and processes to ease your mind, body and soul journey and bring you back into a state of peacefulness, I promise.

Would you like to say goodbye to the debility of grief, feel your strength and joy again? From beginning your next best life, while still honoring your loved one or for living your best life towards your best death. I would love to be your guide.

Hello, I’m Adele...

and at 27 years old, I survived a plane crash. That near death and life experience changed my path and led me on a deeper journey of discovery so that I could help others.

Little did I expect I would experience a significant loss later in life. I’ll admit,drowning in a capsized plane was easier than becoming a widow. My grief from the loss of my life partner proved deafening, a deep wound that still weeps when the Band-Aid is pulled off, raw and tender when touched.

Loss has challenged every aspect of my life, but I did find relief through community, neuroscience, nutrition and by embodying a rich spiritual practice. These experiences have guided me to help others turn their challenges into change so that they can thrive.

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