A mountaineer once said, you can climb any mountain..

… if you simply take one short upward step at a time.

Possibly, we can think about life as, one breath at a time. And we can get through anything.

Seems simple enough but being awareness of breath may be the most unconscious and wonderous thing available to us.

This year has challenged me in so many ways. Reconciling the loss in my life, feeling emotionally vulnerable and often raw.

But within the adversity of grief, I find I have become more of myself than ever before. I have allowed fear of judgement to fall away. I have accepted my purpose and feel more passionate than ever.

And with this new awakening, I wonder at times if I have been sleeping. Because at times, it feels like I am stepping through a cobweb vail into something more than I was before.


I have become aware of my awareness.


For the past 180 days, there have been times when I have hunkered down. Irrational but not uncommon, but possibly allowing the world to pass around me, made it seem like reality wasn’t real. Because it still feels surreal.

But hunkered felt compressed, limited, and restricting. That is a form of struggle.

And yet, huddling close to home, as my universe narrowed, I also got many things accomplished a lot of things at home, that needed to be done, and that was liberating. I embraced and completed more unknowns, in the past 6 months, than I thought possible.

But during the huddle, I also allowed myself extensive time to explore my inner world of experience, seeking awareness in both limitation and limitlessness. In doing that, I have witnessed and lived each focus I held, on the good days and the difficult.

And my awareness of how I am being, and what that is creating, is like watching seasons change. Nature gives us all the answers. The letting go, the ability to bend in a storm, and the rebirth and new growth we know will arrive. These things I am aware of..


But this morning meditation awoke something new, of awareness. As we may already know, consciousness has no location within our body, it has no shape and is not found or restricted by space or time. It is out there! Look up!?


What I wasn’t aware of, is that it is said that awareness is considered outside of and beyond even consciousness.


Through my work I understood that awareness initiates neuroplasticity, but this new awakening gave an interpretation of why that may be.


Dr. David R Hawkings went on to say, that awareness could be considered part of the Akasha or the energy that connects everything within the universe. Some call it the glue of the universe. Maybe you have heard the space between the space, or the god particle or even some say… God.


Pure infinite energy. Imagine that!  If that is not mind blowing enough, just allow your mind (without judgement) to consider being connected to this “glue” The energy that connect all things and is aware…


And then take it a step further, it is accessible and connected to you. The process of the human experience appears like a downloading hierarchy: awareness to consciousness to mind to sensation to body.


Neuroscience first became aware of this belief by observing what happens when someone is put under anaesthetic. The body and mind lose awareness and is not conscious of itself.


But if that person was to die…. and are then revived, about 17% of those patients may recall their NDE experience, or Near-Death Experience.


Because of these NCE stories, we know that awareness and consciousness exist even while the body has no vital signs, it is medically dead.

So, for me, the bigger question then arises. If awareness is key, what is the consequence when I find myself unaware. So many times, I have heard myself or others say; I wasn’t aware of that!


And if I am unaware, what happens within my mind, body and therefore my unfolding life experience.


In other words, if the body has no ability to be aware of itself when anesthetized, what is my experience is I am unaware or unconscious in other ways!!


It appears that without awareness of our self in the truest sense of the word, we could limit ourselves and our life experience. So, this is my muse for the day and, if the desire to explore your “U-niverse”, then settle in. Or is you want a personalized session, connect with me.


Here is today’s process:

Find a comfortable place to sit and relax where you are not going to be disturbed for the next 10 minutes. (And never enter this state of breath, when operating any moving machinery)

Begin by drawing your attention towards your breath


Simply breath.

With each breath, slow the cycle of breath

You can do this by counting as you inhale 12345


Exhale 54321

And repeat for 5 cycles

You should notice yourself relaxed now

NOTE: Neuroscientific ally speaking, you have now, through slowing your breath, entered a different brain wave, that is more receptive to awareness.

Theda brainwave is natural. Kids are in Theda, the genius brainwave, and we enter Theda as we fall off to or wake from sleep. This is where great ideas are born.


So back to breath


Take an internal imaginary scan

And if you like a metaphor:

Picture yourself holding an large bright white feather, and slowly move it downward through your body

Scan from the top of your head downward

If you notice a sensation, then pause

Be curious if you then labelled it

Take a few breaths to explore the sensation rather than the label

Breath through the sensation, until the sensation dissolves

Or approach it in a deeper manner

Let go of resisting the sensation

Describe this sensation through your senses

Note location, shape, colour, textures, vibrations, movement, sound, taste, odours

And just stay with it.

Without resistance or wanting to change anything, simply breath

If another thought arises from this exploration, you can choose to explore them through this process. Or to set it aside.

The mind will naturally travel, simple bring your focus back to your task

As you allow yourself to be, you may notice innate wisdom arise

Possibly solutions to concerns

An epiphany

Thank your “U”niverse for the knowledge

Continue to move downward through your body

Breathing through and intentionally relaxing each part as your pass through

You should have entered a deep sense of relaxation as you step downward through your body


Downward shoulder

Downward chest

Down into the lungs and respiratory

Down into heart and circulation

Downward through abdomen, reproductive organs, pelvis and extremities

When you’ve moved down through all parts, organs and systems, move your focus below your feet.

Now imagine roots (like a tree) beginning to grow from the souls of your feet

These roots will connect deep within the earth.

Once deeply grounded to the earth, slide your attention upward.

Above yourself, to seek your consciousness

Then, ask your consciousness to connect to your awareness

Now, imagine you are completely tuned in and connected to the U of the universe.

Take five more deep breaths and allow peace and calm to be you