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My passion is providing a supportive and safe, holistic environment that empowers you to choose destiny that truly works for you.

- Adele Anderson, your destiny coach

About Life Coach Adele

When I was 27, I survived a plane crash. My near death experience change my life forever. changed what I believed about choice, about our ability to choose the future we desire. This is my story.

As the plane dove to the river below, never in a million years did I believe something was wrong. And then we hit; HARD.

And flipped. As I gasped for air. My mouth filled with water.

Then, I was upside down, trapped. It was so cold and dark. As the plane spun in the current, I became disoriented. I kept trying to free myself, but failed.

The last of my oxygen drain. My life began to flash in front of my eyes. Millions of pictures. I wondered if I was dying…

Images continued beyond my death. I clearly saw the local police walking through my parents front yard, up their big red brick steps and knock on the door.

My moms answered. Her expression curious, realization, horror. Inside my mind I heard her scream; as she was informed of my death. She dropped to her knees. Hands covering her face.

This vision, snapped me back into my situation. I was trapped in a plane that had crashed and flipped in water. I vowed this not to be my reality. Determined not to die.

I needed a solution to get out. And then a miracle happened. Imagine all those life pictures. Going in reverse. Back in time through millions of images. And then it stopped. On an image of a movie I had watched, decades before.

A movie training young pilots how to escape a plane that crashed and flipped in water. I didn’t know the name of the movie, actors… nothing more than the scene in front of my mind.

I followed the script and escaped the plane.

So I am here to tell you.

Even in life’s most dire circumstance.

Out of breath.

Out of time.

We still have choice.

Since that life altering day, I vowed to discover the power of the mind. And how we can access that power each and every day. So we empower ourselves to live the life we want and deserve.

When I discovered NLP, I discovered the reasons behind my survival and my mission in life. To not only share my experience but to offer effective life skills for coping, removing emotional pain and updating outdated beliefs and behaviors.

NLP Personal: Release emotional pain, update inner programming, and empower our ability to attain the goals we set. To become fearless in our pursuite of excellence.

  • NLP Trainings:
    • Sales Skills Training:
      • learn the inside track to buidling trust and influence
    • Communication Training:
      • Where ever communication is used, NLP is a known and proven tool to uplevel your communication
    • Private Certification: One on one personalized certification
    • Group Certifications: Train your team, join a group of like minded professionals



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