Activate Super Powers, lose Weight Now!

When you want to lose weight, consider learning your Meta Model so you can activate your Super Powers.

Losing weight a mental emotional challenge often lost because we don’t understand what mental processes sabotage us.

If we truly understood our mental processes, how they work and why we make the choices we do, and why willpower is never ever enough, then we could have a weight loss experience beyond what often happens… or doesn’t happen, weight loss… lose weight now.

I became aware a long time ago that losing weight had more to do with what was going on in my head…

…than running on a treadmill or counting calories, I lost weight. First, I needed to understand what my motivations were, fear of fat, or wanting to please my mate. Was I running away from extra pounds or running towards wanting to be thin? The psychology to lose weight now, doesn’t have to be hard, illusive or a mystery, why so hard?… Can we lose weight now, do we have a choice? Yes we do, an absolute unlimited yes!

So if the treadmill isn’t working, if it is another New Years resolution that is quickly fading, don;t be so hard on yourself. It’s all in your head…. in a slightly dysfunctional was and quite possibly, all that is required is a shift of perspective. If we consider the first step is finding out how our brain process our experiences, before we decide to buy that gym membership, then what?

Brain science dictates what motivates us and how we can reach our goals. So ask yourself, what representational system are you? Are you a visual thinker or a Kinesthetic thinker. Do you process your world as an auditory or gustatory thinker? If you don’t know, you may not reach your weight loss goal.

Then consider that understanding your “meta model” may be important! If you don’t you may inadvertently be sabotaging yourself. What’s a Meta Model you ask?

Well as a Natural health and NLP mater practitioner, I want to understand if are you living life “in-time” or viewing it “through time”. Are you moving towards something or leaving something behind? Do you look at the big picture and want to know the general look and feel or do you want a step by step game-plan? Do you think about it first or jump right in.

Then, do you look for what is similar look for differences? Are you someone that just looks at something and say “I’ll try that” or do you want to see several sources of information before you decide if it is right for you?

Whatever you’re doing, are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? Do you like to be in a group or going solo? These are some of the nitty gritty to losing weight… So yes, get your gym membership, but don’t underscore the importance of the emotional game.

So when the New Year’s Resolution gets the best of you and you feel exasperated with your waning willpower, don’t be too hard on yourself. It really isn’t as much your fault as you may think.

When we become aware when we call our willpower (going to the gym) that it can be thwarted when we’re hungry, tired, stressed, angry or lonely, we better not rely so much on willpower and initiate our Super powers now! We all have them; we just need to learn how to access them.

So how do you do that?  First we have to become aware of what we don’t know, and some of the ways we can sabotage ourselves if we don’t have our superpowers activated. NLP is a perfect tool to move beyond old and into the unlimited now.

NLP accesses our sub-conscious mind, which supersedes our willpower. From this area of our brains we can expand beyond and realize our experiences in a new and fresh way. We learn what our old “normal” patterns are..  and then through a sequence of pattern interruptions and anchoring patterns we give our brains a new call option. Because NLP gives us access to more areas of our brain,  we quickly realize we have more tools and superpowers than we ever considered.

First, we have have to understand that many of us never really get to the point where our desire to truly change “outweighs” our resignation to remain the same.. Human beings don’t really like change… so getting a Super power resource is essential to success Now!

When you’re ready to accelerate your weight loss, When y

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