Adele Anderson Incredible Journey

I knew from an early age what was driving my behavior. My desire to help others and keep them well.

I believe very early in life, about our inner nature than we truly recognize. When I said I wanted to be in healthcare so I could save peoples lives, I was only 5.

By looking at what is really important to me: helping others, family and the mind body connection, I can see why I became a Homeopath and later a health Coach. I am passionate about my work and my clients. I want the very best for them.

My skills allow me to connect the language they use to the root cause of their self-limiting beliefs. When childhood baggage or dysfunctional experiences are unconsciously driving behavior, I can help bring awareness and start the process of taking back control.

Discovering the Journey to the incredible you! Join the Incredible journey.

If her plane crashes I will save her life!