As I was dying my brain became infinite

Exploration and discovery the unknown powers of the mind.

The fact that humans only utilize 10% of our brains fascinates me, because on one fateful day, when I was dying, my brain became so infinitely powerful I was able to save my own life.

As a holistic health practitioner I have developed my thoughts about death and dying, after having worked with several clients near death, talking with others whom have had near death experiences and based on my personal near death experience. This experience and others have forever changed my relationship with my “self” and death.

I would like to share my story.

When I was 28, on a beautiful summer day with dusk quickly approaching, I had a near death experience. How did it happen? The pilot of the amphibious ultra-light that I was a passenger in had forgotten to retract the landing gear. Our fate was sealed when he made the decision to perform a “touch and go” on the River below, before heading back to the airport.

The plane crashed in “Pitt” River and as my body died my brain became infinitely powerful.

The force of impact with the water, flipped the plane nose to tail, it took less than 1/10th of a mili-second. As my body reacted to the impact, I saw the pilot’s body disappear ahead of me. My instinctive Reptilian brain went into action, I quickly tried to suck a breath of air but my mouth filled with water. I decided to swallow rather than lose more oxygen by exhaling the lifeless liquid. From this moment forward, my life became very interesting!

My first instinct was to push off the floor of the plane. I didn’t budge an inch as I was locked into my safety harness. I could not find the latch on the 3-point harness. I hung there, surrounded by debris, gas and struggling to release myself. My body started to feel the effects of being starved of oxygen.

First, my brain did a body scan, I’m OK, I’m Ok I’m OK. I could hear my thoughts as my brain searched for injuries. I was functioning, uninjured and my brain was quickly orienting my situation.

Simultaneously the moments of my life began to flash before my eyes. The detail was infinitely fine, detailing every moment in life time. I saw my birth, youth, teen years and all the experiences I had. The seconds ticked on timelessly; or did they, it seemed timeless; as I tried to save myself.

Einsteins theory of relativity: Time is relative to the position and movement of the observer…time is a fluid concept which is closely related to the observer.

I was keenly aware that the plane floated pontoons up, aimlessly drifting down the fast flowing river; I could feel my hair drag through my eyes and mouth within the blackness. My eyes burned from the fuel that had been thrown over me on impact.

I felt myself struggle, I saw myself below, in the cockpit, I looked on passively, separate…from the struggling body.

I was relatively calm, surreal, unafraid, bucking in my seat trying to free myself. All while my life story continued to flash until…my mind eye rushed through a point in time and I saw a movie that I had watched!

My life story continued to flash by, timelessly. I saw the Police coming to my parents’ front door and informing them that their daughter was dead. I witnessed my funeral, the days that followed. I desperately wanted to live!

I was unaware of time; I was experiencing timelessness, in the moment between life and death.

The story line of the movie resonated in my mind and I returned to that moment. It was a “Top Gun” type film where the commander was teaching young pilots how to escape a plane that had flipped in water… yup this is TOTALLY TRUE….

The commander strapped a young man into a cockpit cage and hydraulically lifted the cockpit cage to the top of a poolside slide. As he continued to teach the group, he released the cage from its perch and it forcefully plunged into the water. The cage flipped and the young pilot, upside down like me, deprived of oxygen, thrashed in panic.


As the movie flashed within my mind, I did exactly what that actor/commander told me to do and my harness released. Now I needed out of the cockpit.

The commander droned on; He said, “THE COCKPIT IS UPSIDE DOWN, HE MUST PUSH HIMSELF DOWNWARD INTO THE WATER TO ESCAPE THE COCKPIT…OR HE WILL DIE. And so I did, I pushed with such force, ramming my head and body against the cockpit frame, I pushed hard again as my body screamed for oxygen, and by the grace of God and I freed myself.

Somehow within the black watery grave, I swam towards the dark of night and surfaced. My lungs burned as I dragged in my first breath of lifesaving air. I crawled upon the overturned pontoon and lay for a moment, to stop my head from spinning. I stood up on the pontoon and yelled for my friend. When he didn’t respond I dove back into the water and began to dive back towards the cockpit. On my second dive, he broke the water’s surface. We had both survived.

Adrenalin pumped full force through my system. I felt exhilarated! I laughed, I cried, I was grateful…

For a period of time I never told a soul. I woke each morning and blessed the day. Sunsets made me cry. Seeing a small child or a baby brought emotional to the surface. I talked to my parents daily, told them I loved them. I was aware that something had shifted inside of my psyche. My experience had a profound effect.

The first thing I learned from my experience. I had been to the other side and I was no longer afraid to die. I understood within the consciousness of myself that I at every stage of my experience; separation and back; I was still me.

The second thing I learned. I know for certain that our brain has more power than we could have ever considered possible.

I try to be aware and believe that power is within me each and every day as I live my personal Irresistible journey.

I tend to push my resources as I think my brain will never experience that greatness again unless I open myself up to new and unexplained experiences. I want to know… so I study the quantum science, evolutionary psychology and speak with others that are close to death. I share my personal reality, the timelessness of our lives and the energetic consciousness of us.

The next thing I truly understood is that we have a strong will to live. Our desire to survive in truly hardwired into our brains, it is a remarkable experience.

The final thing I learned is, to truly love life and treasure every moment, but that I am not afraid to die…

So I ponder, if the atom is the bridge between energy and matter, our physical selves could exist in a temporary physical phase of matter evolving into a greater infinite existence. If this were a possibility then potentially our energetic self is the ongoing connection to the universe even during this lifetime, a quantum theory… we can tap into anytime. The concept of being connected to universal energy at every stage of existence has infinite possibilities for our consciousness

If this were true, then death bridges the journey back into the energetic field.

As we learned in Science class, energy, no matter what form can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change shape.

Adele M Anderson

Exploration and discovery of the unknown powers of the mind.