Are you Bringing or Searching?

Are you searching for purpose or bringing happiness into your life?

When we desire anything, the words we use become important. Searching may change the results we get.

Psychology and now neuroscience believes that words, like thoughts are powerful mind tools. Both can empower or deny our success.

Create the life you desire, by understanding thoughts and words as tools.

Bringing and searching defined.

Bringing: To guide. To lead, catch or conduct.

Searching: Look for something lost or missing

By exploring words, differences emerge.

Searching indicates sourcing information externally. An unknown factor. Where, When and how?

Our brains are not comfortable with unknowns. Unknowns are fear based. Fear based thoughts and words release stress chemicals and hormones.

Bringing suggests accessible inner wisdom. Confidence, assurance. Knowing another person can bring the required information. Our brain releases healthy and happy hormones.

Why is it important to use thoughts and words as mind tools?

Thoughts and words link body mind and soul. Psychology says we are what we think. We become what we think.

How?  Thoughts reflect our perception.  Perception form beliefs: expansive or restrictive. Beliefs initiate behavior: good or bad. Behavior motivates action: positive or negative.

Thoughts initiate biology, healthy or unhealthy.

How? Thoughts are based on either love or fear.

Love based thoughts are healing. Enhance our immune system. Increases our ability to fight disease. Makes us feel happy. Hope, resilience, creative, cooperative, connected and content.

Each fear based thoughts impair immunity for 6-8 hours. It feels like stress, anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness. Engages Flight Fright response, disconnection, dis-satisfaction, loneliness.  Thinking becomes foggy. We search for something to grasp.

How can we learn to be conscious of our thoughts and words?

First ask yourself:

What do I want? 

The process is one of looking inward. Quieting the mind.  Bringing inner wisdom forward.

Meditation, a Journal, introspection, mindful activities all offer insight.

Why is it important?

While exploring “what”. It is important to understand “why”. Without “why”. “What” is meaningless. The power lies in “why”.

Reflect on the importance of “why”. Ask yourself.

  1. Is what I am asking for, based in fear or love.
  2. Do you feel excited?
  3. Does your answer lead to a first action step

The answer remains illusive?

No problem. More deep thinking is required. A process I call The Contentment Method. Part of the Contentment Method involves exploring emotions. Self limiting beliefs,  self-destructive loops, absolutes and linguistic stops become illuminated.

Emotions bring forth the wisdom stored within your mind
  • Your mind is filled with well-traveled paths. Emotional pathways.
  • Identify the pattern within your mind.
  • Create a road map.
    • Take out your journal.
    • Create a mental road map.
    • Different paths and trails that all lead to one emotion.
  • Notice the feelings. Each path as slightly different.
    • Explore.
    • Peek into each one. Listen for their secrets. Hear the echo of your past.
  • Each time you recognize an emotion rise into your consciousness.
    • Take a colored pencil.
    • Write this emotion along the side of this road.
    • Say it out loud
    • Say it louder
    • How does it feel
    • Where in your body do you feel it
    • Is it love or is it fear
    • What color is it?
    • Know it
    • What does it look like?
    • Is there a sound associated with it?
    • Have you noticed how this emotion gets triggered.
    • Is this path old?
    • Write your age next to this path.

If needed, repeat the steps above.

Deep think each path you have drawn.

Take a deep breathe in. Exhale. Deep think. Move instinctively towards the memory you wish to retrieve.