Carbohydrates Are Not The Cause Mom

Obesity is considered an epidemic of the Modern World.
According to stats Canada, 37% of Canadian Adults are overweight and 25% of us are Obese.

Why Mother’s care?

  • Because obesity may just shorten you and your families life!
  • It usually makes us feel unhappy.
  • If you carry the extra pounds, you have an increased risk of Heart Disease,Diabetes and a plethora of other chronic diseases.

Stephan Guyenet neuro-biologist states Limiting refine and reducing carbohydrates and Sugar, plays an important role in weight loss for almost everyone and has dramatic effects for certain people. As a Mother it is important to know that a low carbohydrates diet may actually suppress your appetite…however carbohydrates are not the cause of obesity as there are many cultures that eat a primary carbohydrate based diet and are not overweight.

He goes onto say, that a reduced carbohydrate meal is lower in calories and this may contribute to weight loss… but still leaves the hypothesis open.

World cultural studies on obesity say heaviness parallels an increase in meat, fish, milk, sugars and cooking oils. As a mother did you know that milk in particular leads the pack with heavy fats.

According to research, it’s not just about food entering and leaving the body, minus energy output. It is your brain regulates body fat!

The brain also regulates the pleasure and pain response to food and other substances and experiences. We understand dopamine plays a significant role in “reward motherboard”, linking food to addiction and compulsive behaviors.

We understand Psychology also plays a role, When stressed we eat, We gather to eat, we celebrate to eat, our culture is built around food, restaurants, holidays, the home. We eat when we are sad, we need comfort food, treats, we eat more when we drink or smoke.

Any Mother that suffers from weight concerns, knows it is not a “do this” and your fixed solution.

Yes, studies do show that overweight Mom’s tend to put more calories into their mouths. That’s may be the only fact that is consistent. What the body does with it after that is a complex series of inter-dynamic neural and body functions.

These are only some of the reasons WHY so many of us carry extra pounds even when we take care…..

What I’ve discovered is it is not about the weight,it’s about being healthy, living a better quality of life as we age. Truly it is about our brains, signalling us to certain behavior that we know is not good for us.

There are many sources that agree that in season, home grown fruits and vegetables are irrefutably the best source of carbohydrates.

However, losing weight is just as much about brain training as physical exercise. Everything I teach re-affirms the mind-body connection to all aspect of our lives. There is Psychology behind everything. Learn your holistic truth and you will find your answers.

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