Are you overweight and feeling lonely? Learn how loneliness interferes with weight loss

Anyone experienced loneliness?

They can tell you, the wound of loneliness is deep. As deep as any physical injury. Yet wounds of the mind aren’t often recognized as such. And if you’re trying to lose weight? It’s affecting you more than mentally emotionally. It is affecting your desire for your future. Continue reading “Are you overweight and feeling lonely? Learn how loneliness interferes with weight loss”

What food is your babysitter?

Food has become our babysitter.

Best friend and confidant, eating food when bummed out. Fast foods. Drinks and snacks, high in saturated fats. Sugar, additives and terrible preservatives. Salt.

Our systems swing from high to lows, faster than a pendulum can.

Fast Food counts on it.

Fast food is big business.

Fancy packaging. Ingredients that look like food. But aren’t.

Why does that matter? Our bodies don’t know what to do with “non-food”. That crap stays inside our bodies. Creates toxicity. Is stored like fat!

Many of the processed food words, we that can’t even read. Can’t read it. Don’t eat it. Processed foods, preservatives are often linked to disease. Cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes.

Driven by our own unhappiness. Loneliness and stress. Feeling there isn’t enough time in our day, to create a healthy nutritious meal.

How does this kind of food feel like inside my body?

Eating fast food perpetuates the cycle. Restlessness, highs and lows, sleeplessness. Foggy brain, irritability and dissatisfaction. Behavior cycles because we feel punky!

But that still isn’t enough. To make us change. We need a wake up call. Doc says somethings wrong. Still, only 20% make the needed change.

Be aware of the hyped marketing and lure with product that provide the Dopamine drop in an unhealthy bundle. It’s this lift in emotion that we seek, a temporary relief from feeling out of sorts and when ever we begin to feel the craving, our behavior is often to reach for unhealthy eats.

But there is many great healthy alternatives, that get rid of the highs and lows and provide our bodies with good nutrients!

Real food

Amino Rich antioxidant foods, free of antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, additives are great healthy sources that trigger the Dopamine drop and stimulate your metabolism at the same time! Lose weight now!

  • Then eat raw vegetables rich in Folate
  • Amino acid rich fruits
  • Vegetables that contain Betaine, a natural anti-depressant
  • Apples, Bananas and drink Green tea
  • Cur-cumin and Gingko

And if you want to lose weight by removing these pesky babysitters, watch my video and enjoy a neuro-linguistic programming session and have fun out there.

xoxo Adele


Loneliness and Weight Loss

Loneliness interferes with weight loss

Anyone experienced loneliness? They can tell you, the wound of loneliness is deep. As deep as any physical injury. Yet wounds of the mind aren’t often recognized as such. And if you’re trying to lose weight? It’s affecting you more than mentally emotionally. It is affecting your desire for your future.

Dr. Guy Winch describes loneliness to a psychological injury. It distorts our perception of the world. Not only that. It is linked to similar health consequences caused by smoking cigarettes or having high blood pressure. Or high cholesterol. Loneliness is linked to weight gain and over-eating. And a depressed immune response. These are only a few of the physical concerns of being lonely.

Loneliness arises from many life circumstance. And maybe you’re trying to lose weight so  you feel better about getting out there and finding a mate? If that’s the case. We need to understand what’s happening inside our minds before we attempt to lose weight.

For example, if someone recently left a relationship. They may be feeling lonely.

Loneliness can be a result of rejection

Rejection also has a cycle. One related to an addiction cycle. Anxiety and stress rises when separated from someone. Whether its a child, lover or our self. rejection can also create self-limiting beliefs, lower self esteem and self worth.

In fact statistics say, loneliness makes us 14% more likely to die. The old saying goes; “she died of loneliness”, may be truer than we think.

When feelings of loneliness permeate our mind. Our body and soul aches. And many of us eat to make ourselves feel better. But then, uncontrolled eating can make us feel miserable, out of control. When this happens, many deepen the wound by self-inflicting mental cruelty. Like rubbing salt in a fresh cut. Our mental rumination becomes self induced malice. When we don;t like ourselves. We may wonder; “If I don;t like me,” will anyone else likes us. This can make us feel separate. Or make us withdrawal.

We then tend to look inward rather than reaching out for help. Our loneliness actually deepens a sense of separation. In the worse cases, it can drive some into clinical depression.

Winch goes on to say that negative and cruel rumination is habit forming and can cause us to limit our potential to succeed. So when we discuss weight loss, the same rings true. He goes as far as to say that many people’s “default self-limiting beliefs” convince them not to succeed. Meaning they operate below their full potential.

But there is hope; rumination can be interrupted through distraction. Once we become aware of our negative habit, we can interrupt our pattern with as little as a 2 minute distraction. Within a few short weeks, our negative pattern is lessoned and we rise above our lonely feelings.

We understand that changing one’s mind can be difficult. This is because our default belief system gives us an automated response to lonely. Yet something as simplistic as distraction can reverse the psychological and physical harm.

We understand that loneliness impacts our ability to access our willpower.

Loneliness is one big reason why we fail at dieting. When our willpower is suppressed, we tend to eat to make ourselves feel better. Unfortunately this form of “food” distraction, is self limiting and perpetuates our demise. The shot of Dopamine that floods our system, when we snack on high calorie junk food, quickly fades before cycling downward towards depression.

There are plenty of reasons to change our ways, beyond weight loss. Rising beyond outdated self-limiting beliefs, our reaction to life, on many levels can shift. We can operate at our full potential and we can convince ourselves of our success, by first taking control of our minds.

I believe cleaning up our psychology is the next human leap in, not only will it change our own lives, but that of mankind.

N.L.P. can get you there faster and I can help.

How our psychological wellness affects our physical bodies
How our psychological wellness affects our physical bodies

Activate Super Powers, lose Weight Now!

When you want to lose weight, consider learning your Meta Model so you can activate your Super Powers.

Losing weight a mental emotional challenge often lost because we don’t understand what mental processes sabotage us.

If we truly understood our mental processes, how they work and why we make the choices we do, and why willpower is never ever enough, then we could have a weight loss experience beyond what often happens… or doesn’t happen, weight loss… lose weight now.

I became aware a long time ago that losing weight had more to do with what was going on in my head…

…than running on a treadmill or counting calories, I lost weight. First, I needed to understand what my motivations were, fear of fat, or wanting to please my mate. Was I running away from extra pounds or running towards wanting to be thin? The psychology to lose weight now, doesn’t have to be hard, illusive or a mystery, why so hard?… Can we lose weight now, do we have a choice? Yes we do, an absolute unlimited yes!

So if the treadmill isn’t working, if it is another New Years resolution that is quickly fading, don;t be so hard on yourself. It’s all in your head…. in a slightly dysfunctional was and quite possibly, all that is required is a shift of perspective. If we consider the first step is finding out how our brain process our experiences, before we decide to buy that gym membership, then what?

Brain science dictates what motivates us and how we can reach our goals. So ask yourself, what representational system are you? Are you a visual thinker or a Kinesthetic thinker. Do you process your world as an auditory or gustatory thinker? If you don’t know, you may not reach your weight loss goal.

Then consider that understanding your “meta model” may be important! If you don’t you may inadvertently be sabotaging yourself. What’s a Meta Model you ask?

Well as a Natural health and NLP mater practitioner, I want to understand if are you living life “in-time” or viewing it “through time”. Are you moving towards something or leaving something behind? Do you look at the big picture and want to know the general look and feel or do you want a step by step game-plan? Do you think about it first or jump right in.

Then, do you look for what is similar look for differences? Are you someone that just looks at something and say “I’ll try that” or do you want to see several sources of information before you decide if it is right for you?

Whatever you’re doing, are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? Do you like to be in a group or going solo? These are some of the nitty gritty to losing weight… So yes, get your gym membership, but don’t underscore the importance of the emotional game.

So when the New Year’s Resolution gets the best of you and you feel exasperated with your waning willpower, don’t be too hard on yourself. It really isn’t as much your fault as you may think.

When we become aware when we call our willpower (going to the gym) that it can be thwarted when we’re hungry, tired, stressed, angry or lonely, we better not rely so much on willpower and initiate our Super powers now! We all have them; we just need to learn how to access them.

So how do you do that?  First we have to become aware of what we don’t know, and some of the ways we can sabotage ourselves if we don’t have our superpowers activated. NLP is a perfect tool to move beyond old and into the unlimited now.

NLP accesses our sub-conscious mind, which supersedes our willpower. From this area of our brains we can expand beyond and realize our experiences in a new and fresh way. We learn what our old “normal” patterns are..  and then through a sequence of pattern interruptions and anchoring patterns we give our brains a new call option. Because NLP gives us access to more areas of our brain,  we quickly realize we have more tools and superpowers than we ever considered.

First, we have have to understand that many of us never really get to the point where our desire to truly change “outweighs” our resignation to remain the same.. Human beings don’t really like change… so getting a Super power resource is essential to success Now!

When you’re ready to accelerate your weight loss, When y

ou truly have the desire, let’s have a discussion. You can activate a FREE 30 minute consultation with me by scheduling your personal consult. https://lifecoachadele.com/fulfill-your-destiny-work-with-adele/ or 604-885-0562 or on skype: adele.anderson2

97% of Women hate their body

Why do we hate our body?

How about this morning. Rub your belly?  Did you pull open your P.J.’s? Then take a sideways look in the mirror? Did you think twice about breakfast?Wonder if you should cut back on calories today? How many outfits did you try? To get the one that looks good.

Did you go shopping the past week? Feel exasperated because cloths just don’t fit. There way you like them to. The way you want to look. Time to go up in size or did you squeeze in? Be honest. Do you love your body?

Well, Statistics say. 97% of women, at some time during their day don’t.

What is it really about? Is it about the body at all? Or is it a body image problem.

When we have a body image problem. It is probably not about the weight. It is the thoughts inside our head. The ones that beat us up. And create self-loathing. Our inner critic that says, I’m not perfect.

First off. Perfection is overrated! It’s a dangerous slippery slope. Perfection keeps us looking towards the future. But Missing the present! Perfection is a sign. We are out of balance. For whatever reason.

Many times, perfection has it’s roots in Emotional baggage. Negatively driving our thoughts, behavior and dominating our life! Often it has nothing to do with the body. Consider hating our bodies is first a mental emotional struggle.

Body Obsession?

Why do 97% of women hate their bodies? Peer pressure or unrealistic advertising. Bullying overweight children and adults. Judgmental people or emotional scars left by careless unkind words. There may be a plethora of reasons. None of which begin with food. After-all 97% of women are NOT extremely over-weight. Some only carrying a few extra pounds.

We understand that Obesity is different than carrying a few extra pounds. But obesity is huge. It has reached epidemic proportions in North America. And obesity comes with many dangers. High blood pressure. Heart disease. Diabetes. Reduced immune function means getting more colds and flues. The list goes on and on.

But it’s not just the body that hurts. Psychological issues. Dissatisfaction, even self-loathing. Being overweight can lead some to underachieve. To not trying new things. Because self-esteem suffers. Could be childhood baggage and trauma. But for many is is disillusionment. Searching for a deeper meaning and feeling dis-satisfied. A lack of knowing who we are at the deepest level of our existence.

Hating our bodies or hating our lives?

Psychology states, whenever we feel unhappy about something. Whether it is about weight or otherwise. The answers lie inward. When we feel unhappy. Look inward. And looking inward can lead us to look at defining our core values.

Core values are where happiness resides.

Only 1% of the worlds population have looked at their core values. We hear about values of nations and corporations. But we know now, that knowing our core values leads to a happier life. As long as we live by them.

How? Core values define our character. The absolutes. Why we feel and act the way we do. They direct purpose, commitment and motivation. When we live outside of core alignment. We struggle. Feel dis-satisfied. Then we search for external methods of happiness. Resulting in temporary satisfaction. It becomes a cycle of addiction. Because when we are unhappy, our search for contentment drives our behavior.

Why it is important to have core values defined when we are talking about our bodies?

It is the foundation of our internal happiness. But it is often overlooked in a hectic modern world.

And the western world isn’t bent that way. Doesn’t encourage us to search for meaning in our lives. To look internally for higher purpose. Eastern philosophies touch on core values. But western cultures went another route. Wealth, material items, a bigger house, Hollywood!

All external methods of satisfaction. With distorted images of what a body should look. Bombarding us each and everyday.

This external method of short term satisfaction creates stress. Because it never fulfills our heart. Keeps us searching for something else “external” that we must be missing. Illusions that that a new pair of shoes, will make us happy. The i’ll be happy when illusion.

Fact is, wealthy people are no happier than the rest of us.


Weights relationship with happiness?

Why are so many human so unhappy with their body?

Are skinny people happy? I think not. Being too skinny can also be body image. And it is just as unhealthy as obesity. Is it an illusion that skinny people are happier.

Its’ all in the mind. We are what we think. When we think we look great. We feel better. Get a compliment. We feel better. Therefore it may be a self-love, self-esteem and self-worth issue.

So how do we change? And lose weight too! First we need to look inward. Know what we really want. And that is not enough. We must discover WHY it is important. If we want to lose a few pounds. We must understand why. That answer, will help us achieve our goals. The “how”.

Part of the solution is: Empowerment. Core values. Support. Connection! Have an achievable plan. Accountability. Resources. And above all, learning to love ourselves. All of us. Not just the parts.

It is a mental set of many generations that is fueled by unattainable expectation and warped senses of reality.

With children dieting by the age of 8. I would say we have a major crisis on our hands. And it isn’t just a body image problem.It’s a being human problem. Most human beings are all so fragile. We may mask our feelings. Compensate our realities. It always come back to one thing. Happiness.

There are other missing elements.

Not understanding the psychology behind the pleasure centers of the brain. Sabotage. Self- destructive behavior. Missing the cues between being thirsty or hungry. Material distraction. Feeling unloved and that we don’t belong. All part of our early psychological evolution. Understudied and undervalued psychological foundation.

begin with basic psychology. Some deep thinking exercises. Where we can safely explore, process and heal. Then we can move. Get unstuck! Shift. Transform our thinking and ourselves.

  1. It’s almost always about emotional pain.
  2. Root causes, where the baggage originates and we forgive…
  3. Get support. Connect with people that encourage you
  4. Let go of outdated models and images
  5. Learn core values. Gain the knowledge of who you are. At the deepest level of existence
  6. Practice gratitude. The victories
  7. Give back…
  8. Pay it forward
  9. Focus and pursue
  10. Knowing the outcome is achieved
  11. Self-Love, honor and respect

Losing weight and loving your body can be a beautiful journey of self discovery, recovery and defining happiness.

Until we speak in person. Stay well


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Carbohydrates Are Not The Cause Mom

Obesity is considered an epidemic of the Modern World.
According to stats Canada, 37% of Canadian Adults are overweight and 25% of us are Obese.

Why Mother’s care?

  • Because obesity may just shorten you and your families life!
  • It usually makes us feel unhappy.
  • If you carry the extra pounds, you have an increased risk of Heart Disease,Diabetes and a plethora of other chronic diseases.

Stephan Guyenet neuro-biologist states Limiting refine and reducing carbohydrates and Sugar, plays an important role in weight loss for almost everyone and has dramatic effects for certain people. As a Mother it is important to know that a low carbohydrates diet may actually suppress your appetite…however carbohydrates are not the cause of obesity as there are many cultures that eat a primary carbohydrate based diet and are not overweight.

He goes onto say, that a reduced carbohydrate meal is lower in calories and this may contribute to weight loss… but still leaves the hypothesis open.

World cultural studies on obesity say heaviness parallels an increase in meat, fish, milk, sugars and cooking oils. As a mother did you know that milk in particular leads the pack with heavy fats.

According to research, it’s not just about food entering and leaving the body, minus energy output. It is your brain regulates body fat!

The brain also regulates the pleasure and pain response to food and other substances and experiences. We understand dopamine plays a significant role in “reward motherboard”, linking food to addiction and compulsive behaviors.

We understand Psychology also plays a role, When stressed we eat, We gather to eat, we celebrate to eat, our culture is built around food, restaurants, holidays, the home. We eat when we are sad, we need comfort food, treats, we eat more when we drink or smoke.

Any Mother that suffers from weight concerns, knows it is not a “do this” and your fixed solution.

Yes, studies do show that overweight Mom’s tend to put more calories into their mouths. That’s may be the only fact that is consistent. What the body does with it after that is a complex series of inter-dynamic neural and body functions.

These are only some of the reasons WHY so many of us carry extra pounds even when we take care…..

What I’ve discovered is it is not about the weight,it’s about being healthy, living a better quality of life as we age. Truly it is about our brains, signalling us to certain behavior that we know is not good for us.

There are many sources that agree that in season, home grown fruits and vegetables are irrefutably the best source of carbohydrates.

However, losing weight is just as much about brain training as physical exercise. Everything I teach re-affirms the mind-body connection to all aspect of our lives. There is Psychology behind everything. Learn your holistic truth and you will find your answers.

If you’re a mother who wants to have a holistic approach with natural solutions, check out Adele’s Chubby Diva eBook.