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I'm here to help you get untangled from what is holding you back, so you can have a life that you really love.

- Adele Anderson, your destiny life coach

Life Coaching Services for the Vancouver Area

With our lives being increasingly loaded with expectations of perfection, women especially, need a safe place to make the changes in their lives, that help them experience a feeling of success. Without support in our life’s direction, as women, we tend to give too much of ourselves away and end up living a life by default rather than by choice.

I recommend these coaching packages as a first step towards finding that blissful life.

Happiness Recovery Back to Happy


Feel happiness surge through your body as you re-ignite your inner passion. Wake up with the energy & drive to take on the day, as you find your authentic self and reconnect to that blissful state you felt as a child.

Back to Happy is a 30 day online program that you can do at home, in your jammies. It includes:

  • 30 Min Happiness Consultation
  • Group Coaching Call
  • Meditations so you can breathe easy and sleep well.
  • Awareness tools to help you feel in control
  • Videos to download and replay as often as you like
  • A Happiness Journal to bring thoughts forward, Improve memory, creativity, and the ability to think faster
  • Easy, practical and natural brain science techniques known to positively adjust patterns of behavior,
  • Simple daily exercises based in neuro science and known to strengthen and re-train the brain to natural fi lter towards pleasure resulting in new HAPPINESS neural pathways.
  • Skills to Identify the thoughts, words and language that disempowers your ability to feel joy
  • Resilience tools to pick you up when you feel down

Our brains are amazing filters. And we have more power and control than we thought possible. Harness this incredible power with Back to Happy.

30 day Back to Happy tuition …………………….$497

Back to Happy Online Community

Join a community of like-minded people who are walking the talk. An annual membership includes:

  • 1 year of support: 12 live group coaching calls & replays
  • Weekly Back to Happy tips
  • Private Facebook group for members
  • Exclusive Invitation to attend our 3 day live event

Annual membership …………………….$49 per month

90 day detox: Master Your Mind

What keeps you drained and stressed? Sleeplessness, irritability, procrastination are really beacons illuminating the fact that your system is overloaded. They are all signs that you body and mind are attempting to communicate to you. That it’s time to DETOX your brain.
But let’s think of it another way…

If we think of your car. When you got that car, the engine purred. You could still smell that fresh car smell. The paint glistened in the sun. Lot’s of tread on the tired. Everything worked when you turned the key.

But maybe the scheduled oil and lube was missed. That nagging reminder kept returning…

Then one day, it backfired? You were surprised, but kept driving. Pretty soon the warning light went on. But still you kept driving! No time for that! Then it overheated. The illumination dash blinked. “Pull over and turn your car off immediately!”

So you took it in, had a service and got back on the road.

Then totally out of the blue, you felt the impact. You hadn’t seen it coming. It was hard to think. Emotions crowed in on each other. Blame, self-doubt and lots of stress.

The crumpled fender was just another reminder that life was moving faster and faster. You booked the appointment but they were full. You’d have to drive it a bit longer, before getting it repaired.

But should you wait? Was that the right choice? To wait? Maybe another repair service could do it sooner?

But you were busy and let it slide. Why? Because.

Then things went sideways. It was like a tipping point. Things were falling apart in other areas of life as well. Empty coffee cups and takeout bags littered the passenger floor.

Even though it didn’t feel good, there was no energy to do the clean.

Two weeks passed unnoticed. The snooze button left you exhausted and stressed. Late for work, you “hand-ironed” last weeks blouse. Decided to grab a coffee on the way.

Flying out the door you came to a full stop. Your tailgate was hanging haphazardly in the driveway. What else could go wrong?

Tow-truck time. A major overhaul. Fixable, lost time, inconvenient but it had to be done. Another repair shop could have been the best decision…. the signs were there.

But what if we were talking about your mind? Sometimes we take better care of our cars than ourselves.

Yet it is your mind that drives everything about your life. Everything! Mental and emotional well-being and physiology.

So, if you haven’t been in the shop lately? Maybe it is time for a tune-up?

90 Day Master Your Mind is an online class that you can attend in the privacy of your home. Each segment is designed to natural flow through the philosophy of mind and body communication while discovering how to detoxify and harness and enhance the power of your mind.

Your master class includes:

  • A 30 Min Master Your Mind Consultation
  • 1 Group Coaching Call each month

Module 1:          Welcome Philosophy

Module 2:          Explore the Inner working of  Mind

  • 3 personality types: 15-20
  • Decision making process

Module 3:          Take the Stress Analysis:

Module 4:          S.O.S Solutions of Stress

  • Module 4. 1       Find your stressors
  • Module 4.2        Stress busters
  • Module 4.3        Stress relief system

Module 5:        Unlearning limitations

  • Module 5.1        Absolutes
  • Module 5. 2       Generalizations
  • Module 5. 3       Beliefs
  • Module 5. 4       Self-destructive tendencies

Module 6:          4 Faiths

Module 7:          Contentment Method

Module 9:          Emotional Honesty

Module 10:        Self-Acceptance

Module 11:        Empowerment circle

Module 12:        Pillars of empowerment

  • Module 12. 1     Intention to think positively about making change in one’s life
  • Module 12. 2     Vision and hope for future
  • Module 12. 3     Being in charge of your-self-empowerment
  • Module 12. 4     Self-awareness and transformation
  • Module 12. 5     Intellectual growth

Our brains are amazing filters. And we have more power and control than we thought possible. Let your brain work for you, by cleaning out all the garbage that has been collecting in it. Harness this incredible power with 30 Day Brain Detox.

90 Day Master Your Mind Online Community
Join a community of like-minded people who like how they feel and want to live with a clear mind and a solid purpose. An annual membership includes:

  • 1 year of support: 12 live group coaching calls & replays
  • Weekly Brain Detox tips
  • Private Facebook group for members
  • Exclusive Invitation to attend our 3 day live event

Private sessions with Coach Adele
Blast away stubborn issues in one-on-one sessions….