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SOULutions: Self Compassion, Rituals for Thriving, Not Just Surviving Your Grief


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Mind Breakthrough Session


Depending upon how much stress we have, life becomes more complicated.

These are the times it is helpful to reach out.

Because when we are stressed, our mind has reduced capacity to make good decisions.

Having support and a coping strategy is positive, but nurturing life skills and overcoming the stress in our lives is priceless.

I am a survivor of a plane crash, a widow, step Mom and a Neuro Linguistics Programming I offer you solutions and life skills to get you back on track and into the life you desire.

I’m here. A professionally trained secret keeper.  Imagine feeling heard. Thoughtfully listen to, then guided effectively towards a solution and strategy that works.

Perhaps your looking for a safe place, to make inspiring changes in your life? Maybe you are grieving and struggling to regain and find the new you, in a life without your soul mate. I have been there, and I can offer you the support and the tools to be yourself again. Stronger and more resilient than before…

I recommend a private and personal discovery call. It’s complimentary, so you can relax and get the answers you have been wondering about, like what is coaching and how can coaching help me?

Adele’s cell: 604-885-8236




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