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Losing someone we love can break us open in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Waves of grief can be overpowering, decisions seem more challenging, exhaustion is embodied. This is only the tip of grief.

Dr. Davis R Hawkings says, we can not “think” our way out of grief. Hawking said there are very few catastrophic events in life that can be more overwhelming than the death of a spouse, a parent or a child. The massive and intense overwhelm erupts along with shock, disbelief, abandonment, rage, guilt, self blame, anger, hopelessness, powerlessness, and the utter finality of loss. 

I could never have imagined how devastating grief can be, until I grieved.

Who can live under that kind of intense pain of grief? I needed grief relief and because of my NLP background, I first used NLP and it began the process of healing, enabled me to cope. But truthfully, it wasn’t the final solution.

My soul grieved. And how do you heal your soul. I found that you heal your soul through spiritual rituals, connection and processes.

I began by taking a deep dive into the spiritual nature of the life, death, the soul, consciousness and the universe. And I continued to lean into spiritual rituals and processes because it greatly eased my grief, healed the trauma. It was the greatest tool I found for healing both grief and trauma.

I had had a near death experience at 27. I had already been to the other side. I had a deep belief that this is not the end, rather we move on without a physical body. But that didn’t help me.. my logical mind wanted “science” I needed proof.

I listened to and read Einstein, David R Hawkings, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Robert Lanza just to name a few. I could go on and on, the science is there, it’s maybe just our beliefs that haven’t caught up!

If you want religion? Every religion I have ever heard of talks about life beyond death… Mother Teresa once said, we suffer because we have forgotten our connection, and know I believe.

Whatever you believe, doesn’t matter because through all my learning, I have found a body, mind and soul method that can ease trauma, heal grief and I am here to help you feel your self again so you can be happy and lo your future once again.

lets start with a free call: Rainbow Energy Session: release sadness amplify Happiness

Relieving Grief: Body Mind and Soul-ution Formula


Depending upon where in the grief journey we are, life has it’s own complications

These are the times it is helpful to reach out.

Because when we grieve, our mind has reduced capacity to make good decisions.

Having support and a coping strategy is positive, but nurturing life skills and overcoming the grief we feel in our lives is, grace.

I’m here. A professionally trained secret keeper.  Deep listener and compassionate soul who has been there. You will feel understood, cared for and nurtured.

It does take the doing. The decision to heal doesn’t have to be hard. It can be filled with relief, comfort and compassion. You will be guided through solutions and strategies that works.

Perhaps your looking for a safe place? ask about retreat options.

Because grieving takes more than an emotional toll. Possibly you are struggling to regain or find a new normal, the new you, in a life without your soul mate. I have been there, and I can offer you the support and the tools to be yourself again. Stronger and more resilient than before…

I recommend a private and personal discovery call. It’s complimentary, so you can relax and get the answers you have been wondering about, like what is coaching and how can coaching help me?

Adele’s cell: 604-885-8236

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