Communication and Representational Systems

Are you a kinesthetic communicator?

What does that mean? A kinesthetic communicator is one of 5 representational systems that humans use to describe their experiences.

It defines the way someone is processing their world through language. When we understand someone’s representational system, we can communicate better and build rapport. Once we have rapport, one is more likely to have them open up, get cooperation or make a sale. So by listening to the words that one uses in everyday language we can discovery a lot! And why does it matter in any way to you? We communicate everyday all day long. If we can be better it makes life easier all round. Communication and the relationships that either works well or suffer because of communication affects our lives every day, in families, neighbors, between coworkers and in the boardroom. Communication and representational systems cannot be underscored.

What situations can benefit you financially? Pretty much everywhere, because if you can get the right job, interviews, in sales and marketing unconscious communication plays an important role. It’s simply a good tool to have.

Think back to a time where you really felt that you really connected with someone. Why was that? What was it about that person that resonated with you? Possibly they were talking your language!

So how do you discover how to build rapport but understanding the clues in someone’s language? Look at the samples below and it will start to reveal the clues that you can look for. Then listen the next conversation you have today and discover the clues within their language, whether it is visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or gustatory. And then add the next component, mirror their style. (Watch for my next module!)

So how do you find the clues? Everyone uses a combination of each representational system but one will be more prominent. We would want to use the most prominent one most and the second most utilized send and so on.

When a person is a “visual” speaker, they predominately use “visual” type words.

Here are some examples: A visual person will use visual word to talk about experiences. They may say something like: It’s pretty clear to me that you have a bright future. I’ve been watching you and I can plainly see in my mind eye, that you know where you’re heading. It appears to me, your focus is on the bulls-eye, no tunnel vision there, I think you have a good perspective on things.

If you’re an auditory person, your expressions would be sound a bit like this: I hear ya. I don’t want you to think that I am outspoken, but I have been listening to what you’re saying and I hear your message loud and clear. You seem to go about your business quietly, I hear you talking to your team, you articulate so clearly. It was a really good CALL. Why I am telling you this, to tell you the truth, is that something that you said the other day really rang a bell with me. It seems to harmonize with my personal beliefs, it resonated with me…

If you’re a kinesthetic person, you probably like the outdoors, athletics and have chosen a career where you use your hands, like a carpenter, mechanic or  thinker, you may say. Even when I feel the pressure at work, I handle the stress well. I typically feel pretty relaxed.

Or: Yes I noticed, you’re a smooth operator, even when something slips your mind, when it boils right down to things; you’re sharp as a tack. I noticed when there’s a moment of panic or when things get heated, you just hang in there, pull a few strings and it seems like it all calms down ME.

A Gustatory/olfactory person might say things like. Something spoiled my day today. It was like swallowing a bitter pill, still feeling a little sour. It really stinks when that happens. I need to go for a walk and clear this staleness out of my mind. The fresh air will do me good, get me ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

I think you’re getting the hang of this? (which representational system did I use?)

Here are some to ponder and place into the categories you thing they belong.

Hazy                                  Outspoken                       Grip                     Observe                            Scream

Flash                                  Vista                                CALL                  Pungent                            Mention

Inquire                              Rough                             Clumsy                Delicious                          Perceive

So try it out today, If you want to build rapport quickly, speak someone’s language. Adapt your language accordingly and by doing this they will feel like…  this person really “gets ME”.


Watch for mirroring next! And see how your communication skills skyrocket! Or give me a call and get a personal session in building rapport and more about hypnotic conversation…for building success each and every day.



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