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NLP is Neuro Linguistics Programming. NLP is a tool known for creating personal transformation. By accessing the unlimited power of the sub-conscious mind. Naturally.

N.L.P. is a process that allows us, in essence to bypass willpower and alter behavior patterns that are a result of outdated programming.

NLP is known to motivate, accelerate learning and to copy excellence. It is a game changer in behavior modification. Whether you want to improve your golf swing or quit smoking. Or say good riddance to self limiting beliefs or emotional baggage. Try NLP and get the change you desire.

Why NLP?

Want to use more of your brain? The way you want? Then learn how to access and control, as well as rewire your brain. It is like getting a tune up. Mental oil change.

Consider a car. We don’t just use 10%. You enjoy 100% of it. Recall the smell of new leather seats. Or the smooth touch of its’ sleek interior. Singing along to the great stereo. Cruising softly on its’ smooth ride. Enjoying the convenience. Or maybe the comfort, not to mention, the beautiful view flying by.

And you probably take care of your car. It’s an investment. Need it to be in tiptop shape! Take it in for regular service. Change the oil. Wash the exterior. Vacuum the rugs, Keep it clean. Get new tires when needed. Remove all the build-up sludge from the road of life.

Now lets compare your car. Which you can survive without, to your brain.

Why compare your brain to a car?

Because the brain can break down. Lose effectiveness. Become tired from overwork. When under too must stress or strain. It can take your power away…

1: Why would we be content using only part of our brain?

2: If you could benefit from using 40-80% of your brain. Would you?

3: When was the last time? It needed a tune up? How do you become aware that it needs a tune-up?

  • A mind that needs a tune up is confused. Cluttered and feels indecisive.
  • Bad choices.
  • Stress, Anxiety, Frustration. Anger. All signs of a overworked mind. Just to name a few.
  • Road rage is a sign
  • Feeling burned out

Are there certain times that are good for a tune up?

  • Anytime is good. But for certain every season. If a tune-up gives us advantages beyond consideration. And makes us healthier, happier, more creative and productive.
  • A N.L.P. is like a massage for your brain.
  • A healthy mind creates a healthier body.
  • Our minds grow just like our bodies. Learning certain things at certain time of our lives. It is time. To access the sub-conscious brain and use it!
    • Things hold us back from this evolution
      • emotional baggage
      • fear
      • self limiting beliefs

Somewhere in time. We have forgotten. The natural law of our human psychological evolution. We have become unconscious to consciousness.

Here’s a time: In mid-life. Many of us face confusion. Uncertainty. If we change or alter our perception. The other side reveals a stronger person. With a new sense of purpose.

Upping the Professional’s Game

Empower you mind and in-turn empower your career.in a safe, professional, respectful and open environment.

  • Learning why empowerment of consciousness is our natural evolution
    • Learning the mind model
  • How to access the unlimited power of the sub-conscious mind. The uncharted 90%
  • Discover the representational system of your mind
  • Learn how to read the representational system of others.
    • To communicate and build rapport more effectively
    • Realize the distortions, generalizations and deletions. How they affect your ability to communicate. To be heard.
    • Experience the circle of excellence
    • Making your project real. Taking a vision to creation in 90 minutes.
    • Learn Magic words of selling
    • Explore personal trance words
  • Discover your Meta Model. How it affects your decision making
  • Consider learning someone else’s Meta Model
    • To sell them on your project
    • Or motivate their efforts
    • How Logical Levels affect our motivation
  • Experience the power of changing perception.
    • changing the perception of others
  • Take control of your Destiny @[email protected]

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