FEAR of Poverty

Are Your fears driving your behavior?

Many of us have this pop up in our consciousness when we are feeling financial pressure, Holidays with expectations of gifts, entertaining costs, buying a new home or transportation. The kids going back to school and the added expense of a new wardrobe…and there it is… a fear of poverty.

What is it? An unconscious fear brought forth by our reptilian brain in response to stress. Stress that arises due to financial matters initiates a “Fear of Poverty”

How does it happen? When we get stressed the Reptilian brain thinks danger and the fight or flight mechanism engages.  A chemical reaction within the limbic brain; the hypothalamus secretes chemicals and hormones related to stress, Adrenalin, Cortisol start to engage our physiology. Chest, abdominal muscles contract, breathing becomes more labored and the brain becomes a bit fuzzy. Heart rate elevated, feeling a bit off, anxiety felt in the pit of the stomach and a feeling of anxious anticipation. Sound familiar?

How do fears “inter-fear” with our well-being?

Like most fears, they sidetrack our behavior because the Reptilian brain is not able to rationalize the difference between life threatening danger and that of financial stress.

Let’s face it people are stressed and it’s hurting many. With stress being the leading indicator to heart disease which kills more people in the world than any other cause there is something to be stressed about! However science states, that it is our relationship to stress that actually makes the difference.


What’s that you say? True, stress is only bad if you think it is bad, feel bad. But stress can be healthier if we use stress to our advantage and think of it as a healthy process!

Most stress is cause by OUR reaction to a situation, so if could learn to control our “response” couldn’t we be healthier? Yes we could.

It’s a process of self-discovery, that takes us on a journey to explore emotional baggage, childhood dysfunctional memories and the layer of psychology that are holding back our abilities to be healthier, happier and in harmony.

An exploration can be as simple as sitting quietly, a meditation or sorts and thinking about the triggers in our lives. Finding peace with some and allowing others to be dis-empowered.

Other processes help too. Mindful activities such yoga, spending time in nature, exercise, connecting with supportive friends, journaling, good nutrition, adequate rest and self-acceptance can be facilitators to lowering stress.

Other tools can be used to interrupt the processes, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Evolutionary coaching, certain types of counselling; but with everything, the desire to change must be greater than the desire to remain the same.

Things that don’t help are addictive substances, food, soda, sugar, alcohol, opiates, smoking… which simple numb the feelings for a short period of time and create their own destructive process.

So the next time you’re feeling the “fear of Poverty” stop and take notice. What are the feelings, where do they sit in your body and are they rational and grounded?

Clearly if your situation is real, there is also help for these types of crisis. So hang in there, quite possibly your stress and the fear of poverty can be alleviated by some simple steps.

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Until we meet in person, stay well



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