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Work with Adele

Take the next step towards healing and personal growth by partnering with Adele in a one-on-one setting. Explore the transformative possibilities of grief retreats, NLP training, and other tailored grief solutions. Embrace the journey to emotional well-being with Adele by your side.

1 hour rate: $167 +GST
5 sessions: 5 hours: $597 +GST
3 months: 15 hours: $1497 +GST

Feeling uncertain about where to begin? Schedule a call with Adele, and let’s navigate the path forward together.

This retreat is exactly what I have needed for years, transformational. The safe loving, supportive space is truly a beautiful gift. Adele, your peace and calmness helped my anxiety calm as you speak your healing expertise. I have learned how to use the tools you offer better than in the previous ways I’ve been taught. Your home, food and exercises for healing are marvellous. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing.

I found exactly what I was looking for in this retreat. I felt seen, heard and supported during my stay. I enjoyed all activities and break times to rest and process.

The impact of this retreat is phenomenal and unbelievable. I’ve been going for therapy for year, but Adele is the only therapist who equipped me with powerful tools and techniques that I can use to manage my life. A well-balanced itinerary helped me find solace in nature and within me. I would love to come back one day.

I found Adele’s retreat at a time in my life when I was experiencing numerous transitions. I realized the life I was living was not working for me and I wanted to live a more joyful, fully present life. Adele gave me the tools to calm my anxious mind and turn off my negative thinking patterns. Her home is quiet, peaceful and conducive to healing. Adele is supportive, calm and encouraging. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who seeks to transform their life.

Thank you for sharing what you experienced, Adele. Having you in the room to create a safe space for all – a judgment free zone — was precious to me. Thank you for loving on me and all of the attendees. I look forward to connecting again soon. Who you are is beautiful and the world needs you and your brilliance!