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Life Coach, Death Doula, Grief Relief Retreats, NLP Trainer, and Classical Homeopath

I want you to live your best life, right up to your last breath. Life is a whole bunch of love, laughter, joy, and a little bit of death, trauma and grief.

I belief we were meant to love, and grief may be the cost we pay for love.

But what if death is the beginning of a new journey? When I drowned in that capsized plane, I had a near death experience and experienced something beyond this world. I experienced myself, without a physical body, but I knew who I was, what was happening to that body and I felt completely calm and at ease.

What I felt was unconditional love, pure joy and the excitement of going home.

Yet, when my husband died, I struggled, felt traumatized and the grief was overwhelming. Even with everything I had knew about dying, it was a pain I could never have imagined.

When he died, I remember thinking, he has died, but I’m still holding his hand.. where did he go..

Deep in my soul, I knew he was alive… somewhere… but the separation was traumatizing. 

Because you grieve your beliefs may be challenged. Whatever you belief about death and dying is just a belief, science may now change your beliefs, because science now says, consciousness continues on…. and so we can ease our grief knowing we can too.

Join me for a conversation about life, death, dying, trauma, grief and the infinite nature of our being.

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