Mind Body Medicine: Homeopathy

Homeopathy is Mind Body Medicine

Homeopathy bridges the Mind and Body. Known as Mind Body Medicine. Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years. By more than 500 million people. Who choose Homeopathy. As their main form of health care.


As a homeopath. I ask a lot of questions. An intake generally take 90 minutes. Or longer. We believe it is the person that is ill. Not the part or label of a disease. I ask about mental, emotional states. What makes you feel better. Or makes you feel worse. Times of day a condition arises. Looking at your entire system. And how it is functioning. Eating and sleeping habits. Chronology of illnesses. And much more.

Then I analyze the material. This can take several more hours. Then a remedy is chosen. One known to be characteristically similar. To your personal symptoms. Personalized medicine. Treating your entire system. Holistically. Not treating the individual part. And by doing that. We can treat without causing potential side effects.

Here is an example of how Homeopathy works:

Homeopathy. Is based on Universal laws of nature. Most importantly. “Like cures like”. This fundamental universal law of nature. Means what a substance can cause. It can cure.

We have all watched commercials. Boasting the next. “Soon to be famous cure”. Followed by a very long list. Of side effects. This list is, the drug picture. Both primary and secondary drug symptoms.

Most of us have peeled an Onion. And noted that our eyes burn and water. Or maybe our nose runs continually. Sometimes we sneeze. This discharge may even burn the skin. Under our nose. Leaving it red. So consider. If you have a cold, flu or allergy. With these symptoms. You can employ a homeopathic remedy. Made from the Onion. Call Allium Cepa. To resolve your symptoms.

A correctly chosen remedy. Can neutralize your symptoms. In a safe and effective manner. Without the noted side effects. That many over the counter allergy medicines cause.

Homeopathy can be integrated. With western medicine. To strengthen the immune system. During recovery. From injury or surgery. Or assisting with Hospice. Or for many chronic illness. Homeopathy is a natural choice. For you and your families health care.

Is Homeopathy Safe?

Yes. Homeopathy is safe for the entire family. From infants to the aged. And approved by the FDA

How are remedies made?

Like all medicines. Remedies are made from many different kinds of substances. From plants, animal and minerals. Or from diseased tissue. Remedies can be either liquid or pellets. First a liquid remedy is made. At a Homeopathic pharmacy. The liquid. Then poured over small sugar pellets.

Quantum Physics and Epi-Genetics. Help define energetic remedies.  Homeopathic remedies are highly refined. Considered energetic medicine. Making them very gentle. And this refined quality, makes them a stimulant. Rather than a suppressant.

In addition. Prescriptions are personalized. Takes in your entire well-being. Designed to strengthen your entire immune system. In a natural way. While balancing the hyper or hypo expression of your system.

Homeopathy works with your immune system. Supporting and balancing its’ response to to any illness. A natural holistic approach. That strengthens your overall immunity. By building immune function. So the body acquires anti-bodies. Naturally. Most naturally acquired anti-bodies. Give life long protection.