Grey Matters Neuro-Linguistics Programming is Masterminding

I have been thinking about Masterminding my Grey Matter, because Grey matters.

  • Before I realized that my brain had an infinite capacity.
  • Before I learned that I had limited willpower, whenever I was tired, lonely, frustrated, hungry and angry.
  • Before I knew what I know now…..
    • I relied on a sleep aide when over tired
    • Wine to ease my stress
    • Procrastination when I was unsure of myself
    • Felt Anger when under pressure
    • and thought I could rely on my willpower to lose weight.

But now I know.

  • I don’t require the latest diet craze
  • I never needed a sleep aide
  • Stress doesn’t have to be the norm…
  • Why procrastinate when you can just do it! Do it now!

Because now I know how to access my sub-conscious grey matter, my mastermind is my super power!

Twenty years ago I discovered that Grey matters within my sub-conscious mind was a super power. During a near death experience of crashing in a float plane, while I struggled to survive without air, direction or experience, my sub-conscious mind exploded with super natural powers I never knew existed. Through this experience, I became aware of the master within the mind. It was a life altering experience.

I survived to tell the tale of that incredible experience, but I also understood that I didn’t know how to access my mastermind anytime I wanted to. And that knowledge set the course of me having a tremendous desire to learn all about psychology.

I became a Homeopath, studying mind body connections. Probed into different aspects of psychology, but, it wasn’t until I became a N.L.P. trainer and hypnotherapist that I truly realized I had discovered the Holy Grail, the secret of Masterminding Grey Matter.

With Neuro-Linguistics programming I learned to access my subconscious mind, had the ability to read peoples strategies, how their brain processed decision making, how to communicate with anyone and get the information I needed to help them, and to have the ability to make positive changes in my life and the lives of my clients.

Now I know, the mastermind understands that Grey Matter doesn’t really separate reality from fantasy. Each of us has experienced the truth in this. How? Our subconscious mind learns and finds reality through metaphors. Or a story of a friends life experience. Even watching a scary movie. Listen to what your body and mind does. Did your heart rate go up? Hair raise on the back of your neck? Experience fear, happiness, empathy?

When someone gets hurt, even on T.V., do you cringe? Actually say OUCH? Because you could feel their pain?

Ever have your mouth water when you smell an apple pie on a cooking show?

These are simple examples in everyday life. Proving we can experience an emotion, through witnessing it in another person, an actor, animation or an animal. Experiences become real based on our sensory experience. What we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Our brain believes something is real whether it is real or not.

Now that we are aware of that fact, Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses it to YOUR advantage. Fact!

  1. If someone wants to quit smoking, why not “trick” the brain into thinking they already quit….
  2. If someone wants to be a better athlete, why not experience the strengths and attributes of a star athlete and make it your own?
  3. If someone is not fun, why can we not change our impression of it, and make it fun?
  4. If someone overeats and cannot lose weight, why not mastermind the brain to make a different choice?
  5. What if your job requires one to speak in public and they have a tremendous fear

Fact: Each of these scenarios is possible. Brain science has already proven it. We can Mastermind Grey Matter, easily and naturally, without drugs, diets, stress struggle or pain.

Now Masterminding Grey Matters is readily available. To anyone that is looking for change. These natural scientifically proven methods of accessing the subconscious mind now. Useful for overcoming fear, building confidence, changing behavior, and performance.

learn more at [email protected] Until we speak in person, discover in yourself when, fantasy feels real.