Grief, trauma, and hurt is an active process. Unavoidable, unpredictable, and like having a deep cut that even when you tear the band aid off, it still weeps and is raw when touched.

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From where I stand, self-care is a good beginning. So, let us take a moment to think of self-care in a unique way.

I would like you to imagine, because you already know that putting a “large yellow sticky” over your fuel gauge would not be a great plan. Hiding the gas gauge behind a sticky note could result in you getting stranded or out of gas and not where you were intending to go today.

But we, as women, are notorious for “running ourselves out of gas”!

So, I ask y’all to check that gauge today <3.

Someone said this to me the other day. We are meant to give the best of ourselves to the world, NOT THE REST OF OURSELVES….

And I get it, because when I am a “giver” I love to give, but how much of ourselves can we give when we feel depleted?

When I was feeling the initial deep sense of loss, I hunkered down. I could hardly breathe, let alone think.

So, I engaged in small steps. Savoring long hot soaks in calming aroma scented water, I did not care if I added salty tears of my own.

I allowed time to rest, gazing at the expansive ocean, watching clouds filter past my views and ocean breeze through my mind. Immersed myself daily in the musky scent of deep nettled carpeted forest trails. Tuned into restful and calm audio books with an overtone of birdsongs high overhead.

But it was the day of my husband’s celebration of Life, that I consciously embraced the power of self-care to create the experience I desired.

I felt a deep need to speak without melting down into a puddle of tears. And I did not know if I was up to it. The hurt was still so painful, yet I needed to make the effort. No regrets <3

So, I set aside time for myself before guests arrived, to offer myself a chance for success. And that meant focusing on my outcome, for being able to speak clearly, feel confident, calm and in control.

I felt I could accomplish my desire by engaging in 30 minutes of self-care.  That meant unapologetically leaving all the family to continue to do the final prep. In the flurry of activity, I simply turned away, closed the door to my bathroom and started to pour a hot steamy bath. As I listened to the water, fall, and from there I continued to focus further inward, to breath

So, if you would like to join me in a meditation now; find a comfortable place to sit and relax where you know no one will disturb you, for 10 minutes. Here is the downloadable audio

Begin by drawing your attention towards your breath.

Pushing hearing outward to whatever is pulling your attention outward. What is the farthest thing away you can hear?

It could be the sounds of people talking, the sound of a car, laughter, a TV in another room, a bird, a dog barking, the fridge turning on, someone else running water at the kitchen sink. Moving your attention inward like a balloon losing air and shrinking smaller, until what you hear is the sound of your breath.

Tuning in further, inhaling through your nose.

Listen to your lungs expand

Wait for the beat of your heart and rush blood pumping outward into arteries, pulsing into capillary and eavesdropping on the oxygen fill cell in your body.

Next, visualize breath: Imagine the oxygen you breathe, saturated with bright sparking light. You know the ones, the tiny twinkle lights of the holiday season.

Simply pause for a moment, close your eyes, and Imagine billions of these sparks of beautiful light filling each oxygen molecule.

Watch the bright light oxygen under one’s nose, observe as the air you breath moves into your nostrils, and as it flows down the throat and clearly filling your lungs.

Notice as it brightens the inner chambers of your heart. Trace its path from the heart into arteries, bright white light marking out every artery, capillary, and cell of your body.

Breath long slow breaths and your body becomes saturated with life giving oxygen.

Now feel what it feels like to breathe.

Notice the temperature of the oxygen as it enters your nose, versus the temperature when you exhale over your tongue and through your lips.

Your any pressure as your throat allows entrance naturally and easily.

Measure the expansive opening of your thoracic cavity, satisfying lungs, fueling the constant and consistent rhythm of your heart as it passes through arteries, capillaries and into every cell of your body.

Smell the air, taste its flavor, or become aware of the taste inside your mouth.

And now focus on your desired outcome. What do you want and why is it important?

Think of focus as gathering and moving energy towards something you are creating.

Thinking of calm, means that we are pulling energy from all around us and imagine creating a bubble of calm energy around you, that helps to maintain calm. This is the time to create intention and repeat the sensory process of that intention. What does it look like, sound like, feel like? When you can fully understand what it is, this is pure manifestation. So, delve into sensations, see if you taste it, breathe in the scent and this is powerful mind science.

Focusing your attention for 17 seconds, begins to change the chemicals and hormones that are flushing through your body right now! They match your energetic focus. So, if this is stress, you now have the power to change that…

Through our simply little exercise of focusing on breath, I believe you may have experienced a deep relaxation and calm. Recognize if you are feeling energized. We can fill our tank in this way. When we focus our energy towards providing ourselves with self-care, relieving the stress and healing our self, one breath at a time.

I wish you a wonderful day and please know that I am here for you. If you would like a 1:1, please connect here: