I can’t Breathe. A Stress Solution

Can’t breathe?


Are we ignoring the sacred body messengers that tell us our health is struggling?

If you are having difficulty breathing, a tight chest or anxiety, these are only a few of the danger signs that your suffering from stress.

If life is so busy that stress is a normal occurrence, we should be concerned about the long tern health consequences.

Facts are: Stress is a leading indicator to heart disease and heart disease kills more people on this Earth than any other cause. And 54% of women that dies from Heart disease last year…. never even knew they had a problem, they DIED without knowing…

The fact is: Human beings are stressed out.

Something needs to shift.

When we can’t breathe, heart palpitations, have a anxiety in the pit of our stomach, fitful sleeps because we are worried about the next day. When we continue pushing through the workloads that are creating chronic stress in our bodies. When we fail to be aware that chronic stress is deadly. When we no longer recognize the indicators of stress.


in our society that it has become normal and we no longer know what normal feels like. How to take control of your health and get back your health.

When it scares the “bejesus” out of you, then maybe you’ll notice, but does it have to be so bad, does it have to get to this level?


I can help. I have been a professional woman for most of my adult life and have owned several successful and demanding businesses. I have a holistic medical background with many healthy happy clients. I understand your stress and can help.

Help is close at hand.

Contact me, Adele at Fulfillyourdestiny.ca and go to the work with Adele tab. Book a FREE 30 minute personal consult with Adele to discuss your health concerns and get yourself back on track!