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The Critic Within

Is your inner critic giving you the power to create powerful change in your life? Or is it your saboteur?

It’s not all bad, an inner critic can be a powerful motivator; you could possibly get frustrated and become rebellious. I WILL be better, I will rise above that. This is when the inner critic motivates positive change.

Or do you actually agree with your inner critic and it becomes a saboteur that stops you from starting or completing your dreams. You agree with your inner critic; “I know I don’t know enough, I am not capable of that, I really can’t succeed……”

My inner critic went into overdrive; after telling a friend my plan of becoming a coach; my plan for reworking my life, turning my education into something else that would bring greater financial rewards and inner satisfaction.

My friend said in response to my plan; “some people are special.”…….My brain started to fire, I wasn’t really listening anymore. We’ve all been there, the internal dialogue takes over and we are no longer engaged in the conversation.

Of course, at first my inner critic went seeeeee…… I told you so. All of a sudden it was the “me’s” on won side and them… the special ones” on the other side. I was “in”.

Very quickly I could feel internally frustrated, at implying that “I” wasn’t one of those “SPECIAL” people. “I” couldn’t actually make my dream a reality. I felt myself slumping, I was now in the process of  aligning with my inner critic. Maybe “I’m” NOT special? Maybe I can’t do it….. BUT… I rebounded….

I feel special, I think “she’s” special; and I thought, this is how “SHE” feels, this is NOT MY MONKEY, and I thought ………. I will make this happen, not just for “me special” but to show her “she’s special too” we all can be special! When I make my dream happen, maybe she will feel empowered to make her dream happen too. This was the seed.

What was my best chance to make this happen? Engage, commit, take action, Hire a coach, get support, and persist! I will do it!

(Coaching is a fantastic tool to help us achieve our goals. I wasn’t fully aware of this until I engaged in the process myself.)

CRITIC: BUT…….my inner critic said, it’s hard to start up another company, I had done it several times over 30 years and so I know how hard it can be. Did I have the strength to persevere? Did I have any powerful motivator? Yes I did………

Rebound: Adele you’ve been successful before and you will be again! Move it!


Maybe that is what I deserve, living small.

Rebound: You don’t like your situation, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

EXCUSES: My situation is only temporary, what is temporary or what is this…..a transition time? It’s not so bad, rent is good, lifestyle hasn’t change sooo much.

Rebound: What a pile of CRAP! You don’t feel good about this, you don’t invite friend over for dinner, so how good is it really? Then Change it!

FEAR OF FAILURE: Is my inner critic empowering me through this, or sabotaging me to rise above my glass ceiling? What were the real deeper reasons behind it all. I needed to understand “what” before I could move into “HOW” can I move forward.

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