About Fulfil YOUR Destiny

Fulfil Your Destiny.

It is about liberating our consciousness. Means we move toward fulfilling our destiny. One conscious experience at a time.

My early years unconscious. Not really thinking too much about purpose. Or why things happened. Why things didn’t. So it impacted me. Slowed the liberation of my super powerful subconscious mind.

A stable nurturing environment. Loved. But without too much thought about my destiny. I didn’t question my purpose. Always easy going, with the flow. But never really felt happy. Stability taught me life was easy and so it was. And I had everything a girl could want, except a sense of fulfillment.

I started to question life. In my teens. Knew there must be something more. Externally everything looked perfect. But internally. A deep sense of dis-satisfaction gnawed at me. But what to do. To make it better. Maybe this is life. Did other people feel the same. Or was I  different somehow? I just didn’t know any other way.

It was like running away but not knowing where to go. Restless energy. And my inner dissatisfaction made me reckless. One day, I took a leap. And landed on my head. But then I had stand up. On my own. Without support. Actually find my own answers.

We are what we believe ourselves to be!

This was the first time. That I ever took responsibility for my self. I began following my own path. Sure I made mistakes. Lots of them. But I learned what it was that made me truly happy.

Figured it out. That if I moved towards things. That I was passionate about. My dissatisfaction disappeared! But if I slid or lost focus. Dissatisfaction came back. Why? How did that work?

As an entrepreneur. Learning to live in a constant state of change. Is somewhat normal. As long as I was focused on my dream. But become distracted. Got carried away. Took on more. Lost my original passion. Dissatisfaction always found me.

Spiritual growth

Then I met a friend who was “spiritual”. She encouraged me. To learn about my inner self. But I found myself fully skeptical. Not for me I thought. I don’t believe in this stuff. But then I got intrigued.

Over time I had some breakthroughs. On my own psychological barriers. Started learning more about my inner “dirt”. And as my knowledge grew. Made me think, I better read a bit more. About this new consciousness thing. Maybe there is something to it?

I had an awakening.

Or maybe I was given a second chance? On a beautiful sunny day. As a passenger in an ultra light plane. My life took a dramatic turn. The pilot decided to drop down. To the river below us. And skip along the surface of the water. Then back up into the sky.

But when the plane hit the river. It flipped. From head to tail. I tried to take a breathe. But my mouth filled with water. So I swallowed. Rather than exhaling. To save my oxygen.

The cold water rushing by. As I hung upside down. Strands of hair. Dragged through my eyes. Completely enveloped by blackness. Blind. Deaf. And quickly draining of air.

Unsuccessfully I tried to escape. But remained trapped. And then I felt the sensation. As my life began to fade. Feeling myself separate. Rising upward. Passively watching myself. Down there. Upside down. Curious. Was I Dying?

Then my attention was drawn. To the pictures flashing in my mind. Showing my life in intimate detail. Then revealing death. In detail. I heard them cry. My parents pain. I felt their pain.

And it shocked me. Back into my body. I did not want to die. There must be a way. To get free. The flashing images began to rewind. Back through thousands of images. One of a movie. A captain training young pilots. How to escape. A plane that had crashed. Overturned in water. I followed his commands. And I survived.

I would never be the same.

Somehow I had unleashed the power of my subconscious mind. Now I wanted more. More of consciousness. Everyday.

But not until I took an amazing journey to Asia did I “get it”. (at least a bit). The holistic nature. Of our body, mind and soul. It was the first place on Earth. I actually found peace and happiness.

I was passionate now! To learned everything I could. About the different layers of consciousness. The ego. The Soul. Evolutionary Psychology. Buddhism. Meditation. Mindfulness. Yoga. Quieting my self. My goal to create and expand my perception. Beyond what I had considered before.

Now I have a calling. A need to share. I consciously made the choice to learn so I could share with others.

Through psychology, natural health, NLP and Hypnosis. I am expanding. Presenting my vision to the world. To those who will listen.

The 8 things I have learned about fulfilling Your Destiny:

Life is the journey of fulfilling Your Destiny, not about aging, but an evolution of discovering the unlimited nature of our body, mind and spirit.

1. Our minds reflect inward and out.

  • Thoughts create outward actions.
  • Biological processes are initiated by our thoughts
  • Actions and health can be positively or negatively affected by our thoughts

2. Nothing is real.Until we process it through our senses. And still this reality, is only our perception

3. The unconscious mind expands perception through dream and metaphors

4. When our perception shifts. So does our reality. Reality of fluid

5. We have more power. Over our thoughts, behavior and action than we previously believed

6. Liberating our sub-conscious naturally allows us to release our self-limited beliefs, destructive patterns and impulses.

7. Leading with the heart leads to happiness.
8. Fulfilling Your Destiny is a choice.


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