When you’re suffering from sleeplessness. You may have bigger problems…

Letting go of sleeplessness

Seems like a good sleeplessness release is a  lesson in “letting go”. So if you’re tire of sleeplessness, read on. Or fed-up feeling frustrated looking at the ceiling? Read on…

 What does sleeplessness and letting go have in common?

We know that much of sleeplessness can be linked to stress and contributing to feeling unhappy. Stress creates an inner alertness. Why? Because our mind thinks for some reason it needs to keep us safe. Away from the lurking saber tooth tiger.

But it has become mis-aligned. It has been a while since that old saber toothed tiger sad outside the cave. In reality sleepless ness may be as simple as calming an internal state of alertness.

Alertness is causes by Adrenalin and cortisol that flood our systems. In response to stress. Sleeplessness is just one of many side effect of stress.
We know now that stress can lead to fatalities! The facts are that chronic stress is responsible for many horrible health issues. So if you want to lose sleep, loose sleep about that! But sleeplessness could be a blessing in disguise. How? because it is bringing your attention to a deeper more serious issue. Stress….
But today let’s find some solutions for your sleeplessness. Why does it plague us?
Stressful busy lives roll-over into rest time. High octane schedules cause hormones and chemicals to be released from the brain. Even though they are meant to help us, when in excess, threaten our well-being.

Why do so many of us have difficulty relaxing?

Excess hormones and chemicals in our systems. Creating unbalanced body systems.
So how do we get restful sleep? Reduce stress. Or learn to deal with stress in a healthy way. Facts are that the way we deal with stress makes all the difference.
Typically. When we finally finally decide to get help. It is an act of desperation. Because we are so exhausted we finally admit we need to change
 If change is so good for us why is it so hard?
Turns out, we are hard wired that way. Our instinctual brain. Doesn’t like change. Change makes this brain uncomfortable. Psychology states that we must be so uncomfortable that we are willing to change to remove the discomfort. Maybe you’re still not ready to change?
What is happening inside the mind?
The Reptilian brain is dominating your mental processes. This ancient brain is running your life! No empowerment there…. Why? Whenever we are worried about anything. In brain talk= safety security or survival.
What is especially relevant is that, this brain has limitations. It doesn’t think. It is instinctual. No thinking, no ability to rationalize. So it doesn’t recognize the difference. Between a life threatening situation. And everyday stress.
Therefore stress is stress. And the resulting physiology is not healthy. When daily stress last longer than 60 days, it is considered chronic. Then we have big trouble. Obesity. Heart disease. Risking many diseases. Including diabetes. Cancer and heart attacks and overall unhappiness.
I let go of sleeplessness… creates a ripple effect inside our brain.
I have been subject to my own elevated stress levels. As a result, I suffered many sleepless nights. Long hours. Laying in bed. Frustration and restless. Mostly, watching the clock tick away. 4 am. 5 am 6! Then getting out of bed. Reading for a while. Finally going back to bed. Almost always a result of a relentlessly busy mind. Waking tired. Short tempered and irritated.
AS a result, I used to dread the sound of the alarm. Waking up exhausted. Eyes burning and dry. Almost daily, wishing I could only role over. And go back to sleep. Ahhh those days are gone. I am one of those who wake up refreshed, ready to embrace my day!
But I can relate. In the past I have experienced that knot in my gut. A tight chest. Constantly trying to ease the discomfort. And then I learned one great tip. By drawing air slowly into my lungs I could calm my stress level. Breathing in and out was enough to get the ripple effect and calm my sense of unease.
But I remember being so tired that my thinking became unclear. Endless sleepless nights worried about work, home, love and more. Most of all, I remember not being able to seeing a solution.
But then I learned that stress causes the inability to see solutions. Keeps the brilliance of our minds shut! And being tired limited my willpower and my creativity as well as my intelligence! Sleeplessness was getting in the way of my greatness. And who wants that for themselves?
So why do we live in this state?
First of all, we are powerful individuals. Packing around a lot of dynamic energy, intelligence, wisdom and success. And that’s the problem. Typical sleep deprived means your really smart and an over achiever. Your just another sleepless perfectionist!
How do we change?
First admit your really smart:) But consider sleeplessness is Like many things, it’s a letting go process. And a process of change. BUT, WE must want to change! So are you ready yet? Tired enough? Frustrated enough? Because you have to be there. Your desire to change must come first. Must be greater than our desire to remain the same.
What might change look like?
It might mean a shift in perception. Evaluating goals and values. Or maybe accepting, without emotion; what is. Maybe it’s an opportunity or a different direction. For the most part it doesn’t have to be big. Any itty bitty shift has a ripple effect. And itty bitty shift creates a ripple effect, opposite of being stuck! Any movement physical or mental emotional creates a ripple. And that means better sleep.
It could look like a schedule change. Or adopting a more relaxed morning. Ensuring you have support. Get away for a weekend retreat. Book a massage to relax body mind and soul. Taking time to enjoy the things you like.
Happiness: Find ways to increase how you feel. Happiness drives and enables all our behavior. It is the key to success in every aspect of our existence. And that includes a good nights sleep.
Connection. Maybe more time spent with friends. Or accepting support from friends. It may mean more family time. Building connections. To those that matter.
Shift. Could be considering a new career. Something that fulfills your passion. Or adopting a lifestyle choice that flows. One that aligns with core values and your higher purpose. Your true North.
Change. Could involve changing where we live. Possibly downsizing houses. Therefore easing any financial pressure that exists. So being open. To change can help ease sleeplessness.
Clarity. Understanding what is true. To your core. And understanding what you really want. Why it is important. This is fundamental. If your going to change.
We all need clarity. Body, mind and soul. Through mind body connections. Therapies, like Homeopathy. Or Deep Issue Massage.  Coaching and counseling.
 And finally, Perception. What you believe will be. We create our own reality. When we discover what is really important. Health and well-being. Verses stress. Struggling to hold on. or struggling to let goooo. Perception is at the center of change.
Excellence verses Perfection. Better to strive for excellence. Which allows us to enjoy the moments. The journey. Needing perfection. Is missing the ride. Only looking of an outcome. Of perfection. Which very few things reach.
A wake-up call
What I do understand is. Is that sometimes. We need a wake-up call. A brush with death. Or a major health concern. Something that scares us. Into reality.
Somewhere. We went from that adventurous child. Exploring each and every day. Changing daily. To a reality that was much smaller. More limited. Restrictive.
Most noteworthy, consider words that have an inward expression. Sounds a bit like stress. Tension and tightening. Creating a narrow perception. Like putting blinders on a horse.  Saying, be careful. Don’t look left.
Change doesn’t have to be scary.
Change can be liberating. Like opening a new door. Change can be exciting. Creative and wonderful.
It’s funny. Every time I talk about the psyche.  Nobody wants to hear the “transformation” word.  Each and every time. It is transformation. That people really want. Turns out, It is a natural part of psychological evolution. The missing link. To higher purpose. Higher thinking, health and happiness. Nothing scary or flaky about that! It’s healthy!
What ever change you make. Ensure that your physiology changes. Creating a positive flow or hormones and chemicals. One that cleanses negative flow.
How this works? Positive physiology results from laughter. Feelings of joy. Connection with others. Embracing self care. Rest and relaxation. Meditation and mindfulness. Doing things you enjoy. Finding passion in work. Taking time to learn and explore.
Finding passion can be explored. By first understanding your passion. Knowing your strengths. And weaknesses. The 6 spheres of holistic well-being. Can be your foundation for exploration. Finding your core values. Within the sphere.  Physical. Mental. Emotional. Environmental. Intellectual and spiritual realms. It’s being Human.
The process of change. Can be re-veiling. Like an awakening. And clarity brings peace of mind. Along with a good nights sleep with and a sense of well-being.
A good nights rest. Can be as simple as change. If YOU are ready for a good nights sleep