Relentlessly love your inner warrior Find the Powerful force within

Practice Warrior Love


Love YOUR inner warrior

Or, do we beat up our Inner Warrior, the one that believes in us at all times, unless we tell it not to.

Our inner warrior is an easy target. Self-inflicting pain is the way we often chose to hurt ourselves. How often do we recognize that we beat ourselves up, doubt our power, lessen our belief in ourselves. How often? Often?

Why do we do it? When we hurt, we sometimes blame ourselves for the pain we feel. Whether it is loneliness, stress, disappointed love, lose of a job or plane old unhappiness, it is easier to blame ourselves and fall into a pattern of self-blame.  Why is it easy to head down the dark side?

I notice that human beings can be terribly fragile. We are insular when we hurt, we have a difficult time reaching out. And the cycle of fighting our inner warrior becomes a pattern, maybe even a scape-goat?

So what is blame all about? Understanding self-limiting beliefs that allow us to blame ourselves when things are not perfect in our lives can become a pattern that limits our higher expression of who we want to be, who we are and how much we shine.

Possibly blaming our inner warrior keeps us safe from a more powerful expression of greatness. That we are trying to hide, afraid to show! Then we would really have put ourselves on the line and then what? Maybe then we could fall from a greater height.

Beating ourselves up, is another way to say I am afraid of my own greatness. If I keep myself small, I won’t challenge or risk too much. It is safer…. but then again, maybe not.

Consider how empowering our self is an elemental key to our success, happiness and enjoying the full richness our being. Notice when you feel strong. You naturally shine when you LOVE that warrior. Be in complete harmony with your being-ness.

Relentlessly love you! Seek and you shall find the powerful force that lies within you and shine shine shine.