I think I will hurt a little longer. I may need to cry that ocean of tears before I am fully healed.

But I wanted to share a beautiful meditation with you this morning. Meditation has many values: offering us new perspective on stressful situations. It is a life skill for reducing stress. Allows us to focus on the present and this is where we have control.

The focus when we meditate should be positive, so this alone reduces negative feelings. And if you follow the teachings of Abraham, he said, if we can focus our attention for 17 seconds, we begin to affect our physiology, and if we hold that same thought for 68 seconds, then we begin to build a neural pathway that increases our ability to pursue our focus. Connect: https://live.vcita.com/site/pj6nd2nw1oky5ogs/online-scheduling?service=drkxsgl8va1u4yv9

But did you know that meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression triggers? Why is that? Slowing our breath slows the heart and reduces blood pressure. And because we are adjusting our thoughts and training our brain to focus on a single thought of wellbeing.

Meditation increases our ability to focus on a world that is fast paced in mini bites of information, Twitter, TikTok for example. These platforms train our brain NOT to focus, where the brains natural strength in to learn a subject in depth, to become the sage, the guru…

Harvard Medical says meditation has a positive effect on our brain, we produce learn easier, have greater memory and emotional regulation, because meditation creates more gray matter.

So, who could not use more of all this amazing and natural benefits from children all the way through life. What a great life skill meditation offers us. Concentration, kindling kindness, and increased self-esteem. We become more aware of ourselves as individuals. For our body, mindfulness in meditation raises our pain threshold, and is addiction resistant.

For the creative soul, meditation gives us the opportunity to enter Theda brainwave: We natural pass-through Theda as we drift off to sleep and wake once more, but you may already know that Theda is our download brain wave. Children are in Theda for the first few years of life, and thus we hear those children are geniuses.

Theda is a place of deep creativity, imagination, and accelerated learning.

So, you can tell, I am a fan of meditation and I have concluded that meditation is a type of spiritual first aid. One way I am transforming my feelings of grief is to practice meditation.

I set my timer for 15 minutes and settle into a comfortable position. Palms facing the sky and close my eyes. As I slow my breath and concentrate towards what it feels like to breath from the top of my head to toes externally and then repeat once more internally.

Yesterday’s meditation focus was “I am a Violet flame, an infinite being”

And as I held this thought in mind, my experience unfolded inside my mind…

I first noticed a small light orb was located seven feet in front of my face, and as I help that single thought, it moved in a purposeful yet magical direction towards the area of my third eye.

The orb I was focused on was drawn towards my third eye by threads of light and I could feel this pulling inward of this energy that I was watching.

The lovely little orb settled inside my third eye and looked like an ember was being kindled to flame which grew. A beautiful dancing violet flame with wispy feathered light moving upward.

A stream of ethereal light rose out of the flame and went far beyond where I could see or imagine and as that happened, the “I” in me travelled upward too, cocooned in this soft violet flame.

Now I ascended, and this wonderful angel like being arrived. He approached me from behind, wrapping his gentle yet powerful and protective wings around me, as he leaned around my head and kissed me on my neck.

Who else could it be ❤

As we embraced, we ascended together upward and into the light

For those that have been to Nirvana/ heaven or the house of God, you will understand the overwhelming beautiful feeling of unconditional love that permeated all things here.

These heavenly hands then laid me on a bed of white feathers. (Possibly fallen angel wing feathers)

And as I lay there, surrounded by so many loving beings of light, my heart center became like a sun.

These loving being shared their powerful light energy and it surrounded my heart.

The rays of sunlight were moving inward and filling in all the brokenness that was there. As my heart healed, I felt utterly calm, knowing that everything was perfect.

Sadly, I would have loved to stay in that zone for much longer, but my 15-minute timer snapped me back into today, but the feelings of wellbeing remained and that utter knowing that everything was ok just the way it is, today.

For me meditation has become an integral piece to transforming my grief into deep personal growth.

I have a deep desire to assist others through this life altering process of emotional pain and grief and for those who desire deeper tools for transforming pain into natural powerful healing life skills. https://live.vcita.com/site/pj6nd2nw1oky5ogs/online-scheduling?service=drkxsgl8va1u4yv9

Stay well out there



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