Mid-life Crisis: Is It Normal And What We Can Understand About Crisis

Could a mid-life crisis be considered normal? Well is is that uncomfortable feeling that comes along with the innate desire to grow beyond where we are today.

So in that sense, yes a mid-life crisis is a choice to drop down a rabbit hole! Haha! Because we all go through these natural stages of our psychological evolution, some more smoothly than others

So what is the difference? Possibly awareness. The understanding that this uncomfortable feeling is a signal that we want more from life. But it doesn’t mean that we have to leap.

Ever jumped off a cliff into a pool of water? A midlife crisis might just look that that, with a big dose of cold wet reality that we really didn’t want after all.

But some times we can’t take back what we can’t take back. bridges burned and relationships damaged beyond repair. Only the sound of whaling remains.