Feed YOUR Mind save YOUR Soul: Middle Riddle

So what is a middle riddle? With several of my curvy clients, I recognize a genuine kind gentle soul. I often consider that my voluptuous ladies find the world too cruel and so the extra pounds actually represent the separation of the vital organs from the world. A safety-net per say.

Through evolutionary psychology we discover what these feelings of insecurity represent. A child hood self limiting belief that unconsciously drives behavior to become a Dopamine addiction process and  where can we shift perception and find middle ground? Through awareness, knowing thyself and seeking satisfaction and happiness through core values and allowing ourselves to heal.

Core values give us a strong foundation. They are our moral compass, our guiding light our true north. These simple fundamental principles are the secret to happiness, security, feeling purpose and passion in our lives.

When we are missing core value in our lives; or don’t know what they are; we are not often aware of what is driving our behavior, where self limiting beliefs are side-tracking us, quite often we can fall into a Dopamine addiction which means we feed the body when we feel bad or have a bad day.

When things don’t feel right. You made the choice that didn’t make you happy, you felt compromised at work, you went along with the peer pressure…….. when we don’t stand with and live our core values, we are unhappy, and when we are unhappy, we often turn to food. So is your weight, a eating issue or a happiness issue……..

If the world seems cruel, our ancestral brain kicks in; (it pure psychology) and as part of our stress survival strategy, we store fat, add protection inch-by-inch, around our vital organs.

What does this Middle Riddle mean?

Human beings are driven by and can be limited by which “brain” we choose to use. Do you have a choice? YES!

Way back, our ancestral brain played a vital role in our survival, but today……we have been given a tremendous upgrade! The Neo-cortex! We can use our creative brain our cerebral cortex, our visual brain provides problem solving, logic, rationale and the ability to “change our minds”.

We have evolved and survived: Learn psychological evolution. 

So why do we so often lay awake at 2 am, sleepless and think: “I WISH I had said this, or I wish I did that”, oh the angst, the knot in the stomach, the stress.”My gut told me that wasn’t a good choice and yet, I did it anyways…..” Why?

Because our “true North” was not established. Understanding what is really important, knowing our truth, being true to our-self and living and working within our core values is key to the middle riddle.

When we don’t understand this,we turn to one of the things that worked when we felt frustrated or vulnerable and needed to feel cared for, taken care of,  what we received as children. Nurturing the body through food………….. instead of feeding our minds and in-turn nourishing the True North of our soul.


In today’s world I understand human nature and our insecurities. I examine how we protect our feelings, what makes us feel bad about ourselves,  feel unloved……. The pain and hurt of a cruel world.

Psychology plays an important role in the middle Riddle

Psychologically if we feel at risk; outside the herd without protection; a desire to protect our internal organs, the organs that are a necessity to life. We add protection (weight) around our middles, we cross our arms in front of our chests, protect our internal organs…. or ONE inch at a time…Weight gain…..

And do we make those choices literally, probably not, other psychological tricks get in our way. Our impulsive reptilian  and reactive Limbic brain represents “in-time” thinking. The impulsive you, livin’ in the moment you, enjoying life YOU! Nothing wrong in that… until we try on those skinny jeans.

“In time” means we are not looking forward or back at our day, our week, month year….life! There is no perspective! If you would have known those potato chips were going to mean 10 extra pounds, would you have made a different “conscious choice? Living “in-time” without consciousness rather than maintaining Through-time skills of our Neo-cortex.

Think of looking out a window at yourself and your day. You are separate and apart of what you are experiencing. It is a “perspective” that helps us in numerable ways. We stay connected, logical, creative, problem solving and conscious. It is a choice!

So much fun discovering and unraveling mysterious middle riddles.

Each of these 3 clues are part of the answer to the middle riddle of weight gain and loss, solve your personal middle Riddle with Adele supporting professional women not sabotage themselves and keeping the internal critic at bay.