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indecision, confusion or enlightenment.
Psychological mind mapping for success

Here is how we begin to understand and re-work the limbic brains mind mapping.

The strength is in reprogramming any limiting Mind Maps within the Inner Expert through positive powerful expression!
Mind mapping is taking unconscious thoughts and becoming conscious. What are we thinking about? Are we dwelling on something that is bothering us?

If we are thinking or dwelling negatively, the biological processes attached to ever thought, word or action is actively in process. Whenever we are thinking negative expression then the flow of neuro-hormones into the body are stress related…. so by unconsciously allowing negative thinking bad/ sad thoughts, we are really are harming our bodies.

Psychology states that we have a choice to think about any event or experience in either a positive or negative way. When we choose positive we engage a great immune response, so even with an imperfect experience we still win.
Adopt personal empowerment through conscious thought processes. When our inner critic is engaged, take back personal power and consciously change thoughts around the event.

For example: A situation of stress. Science says that is we think stress is bad for us, then it is, however those people that think their stress empowers them to action, have positive physiology while experiencing stress! Our thoughts play a gigantic role in what physiological reaction occurs within.

I like to keep my inner psyche empowered and I use a process called “I am’s.

“I Am’s” are great for empowering ourselves, so Go big!

I am compassionate

I am Resilient

I am Resourceful

I am effortlessly pursuing my dreams

I am grateful for my abundant life

I do mine daily, to re-enforce what I am! Or who I want to be……. my best self!

Psychology states that repeating positive thoughts over time, creates a road map in the brain that believes the thought to be the truth. The unconscious brain does not recognize the difference between what we are and what we “want to be”. So by repeating or “practicing” mentally to be better at something or to “be” something makes the brain believe it is true.

Action begins in the mind, like anything you have ever striven towards, the thoughts came first, then action, then through consistence passion, practice and striving, can become success!

SUCCESS!! We say it, then play it and realize it, and have fun while doing it! Fun and laughter makes our brains learn easily. Learning becomes effortless. Effortless is a mind set just like happiness. We are in control of what we choose to think, learn and take action on.

Consider the word “busy” as a limiting mindset, so by eliminating “busy” from our vocabulary and replacing it with a positive mindset word, before long we notice that we no longer feel too busy.

What does it all mean? We change our thoughts, we change the way we feel and react to our life!

What we think we are limited by, therefore becomes limiting. What we are not limited by becomes limitless. If this were true, then isn’t anything possible?

If we could simply empower ourselves, through the thoughts, words and language that we choose to use, then what would our thoughts be…… Think and feel limitless and see what happens. For example:

I am empowered” by my inner expert. “I have the ability within to create the life I want.” If this became our thought process, we would be shocked by HOW MUCH WE KNOW!

As a coach I prove this to people everyday. The infinite wisdom is within each of us. We just need to tap into it.

Take the next 20 minutes……. and think about what you are pursuing right now. What is limiting success? What are 20 ways to remove the limitation. Then add pen to paper and write every idea you have to move you through what is stopping you from your success. Enroll a friends help. Brainstorm!

We have the power, we just need to access it. We just need to take action! The answers are there, it you ask the right question, keep it positive.

And then the inner critic says ………. You can never do this, your not special…well if you think that it will always be. I asked a neighbor the other day. So how’s it going? She said life isn’t treating me so well….. hmmmm.

It was not an appropriate time for me to know more, but positive change starts in the mind.

Empowerment starts by getting up in the morning and looking for a way through the things that are not going the way you would like. The DESIRE to change or the desire to stay in the same pattern.

When life get really intense, then we truly have the desire to change. But what if it didn’t have to be that way. What if we could make the choice today for a new experience, one filled with all your most fulfilling rewards! I think it is possible, if the desire, resilience and action behind the desire to change is taken. One small step at a time….. step straight into your greatest life! It’s our choice!

But then the inner critic says….. My life is different, that is why things are this way..

Excuses are limiting beliefs, plane and simple.

But then the thought arises, my problems are painful, I’m grieving a loss…

I say yes……….. my compassion and empathy goes out to you and time is needed to allow  healing in many situations. You need to nurture yourself as you move through the loss. Great loss can be empowering on many levels.

Yes we cry to help our bodies heal and, yes we mourn the loved ones that have passed. The deep sadness can be profound, around a death of a loved one.  Even in grief there is love and bonding.

People show their best selves, A neighbor drops by with a pie. We have conversations with brother’s sister’s and friends. We share, we bond. Friends, family and people we thought we barely knew come from a long way off to show their deepest respects. This is the sweet within the sour. It is there for us to see in our deepest hours or need.

I’d like to share a couple stories with you. Here is a personal example. At my Father-in-laws funeral, we greeted over 800 people, stood for 2 days, 12 hours each day just for receiving well wishers.

People that we had never met, family and friends we hadn’t seen for so very long came. Cousin offered us amazing lunches and dinners. Food kept arriving a the door. The generosity of people….

Other things also happened too, heartwarming surprises. What people came for, the words they need to pass on. I always have a couple amazing lines that stay with me and I will share with you now.

My Father-in-law David had been a simple man, nothing fancy, just generous and kind in nature. Many people come by a give their condolences, some stopped and shared a story.

I had a women in her 60s come up and take my hand. She said: When I was a little girl, our wagon went into the ditch, David came along and pulled us out, he was so kind to us, I thought I would pay respects for him today. I looked at this little old woman and my heart opened. 50+ years ago a stranger; David; had helped them out of an accident, she was just a child and she never forgot. I don’t think David would have remembered the event but it made a major impact on this little girl.

Her simple profound words stay with me today, a simple kindness several decades passed and still it mattered to someone that she came to a funeral to give thanks. AMAZING…..

And then there are other grateful moments. I have never been at a service, where somewhere within all the sorrow that people feel, there is always laughter, the remembering of good times. This is a positive spin on a sad experience.

In the end, I have chosen to remember David’s kindness, through a story told to me from a stranger, rather his death. This is the positive thought process of a sad event.

Another situation could be a teen crashing the family car. It could be easy to express anger about the car or be grateful the teen is alive. It’s just a car…….a replaceable object, a material thing. When we remove “anger” from the event we have an opportunity for dialogue.

A possible turning point, a place to begin, a place for change. Where anger could fuel negativity and create lasting damage. When we deal with the psychology of the mind, there is no where within anger for listening or understanding. Anger is often without the ability for rational thought, a different brain process that has so many limitations.

The essence of positive mind mapping? A positive spin on thoughts can be liberating and empowering.

Negative mind mapping? Whenever one feels offended and if one is holding a grudge, really negative and damaging thoughts often overwhelm. It often take years of self-torture to let a grudge go, so why take so long, who is it serving?

  • Do they even know.
  • Do they even care.
  • Letting go of a grudge is self-empowerment, a gift we give ourselves.

Release the thoughts that are holding your attention to an unpleasant event.

  • It’s not about them! Ha!
  • It’s our thoughts. We have choice! It comes down to consciously choosing to suffering!

Let go of YOUR suffering. Not only are you suffering mentally, your physiology is deadly….. try to find the positive, the letting go, think of it as cleaning the house and throwing out all the useless junk that has accumulated.

  • And TAKE THE psychological GARBAGE OUT
  • Don’t pick it up again today, mole it over in your mind until your seething.
  • Don’t keep moving it around to pick it up again in a few weeks.
  • TAKE THE psychological GARBAGE OUT and kick it to THE CURB.


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