Are you moving towards or away from being an ex-smoker?

AS a NLP Master Practitioner, I ask my clients are you moving towards being an ex- smoker or are you leaving smoking behind. they go huh…:) I want to understand their “Meta Model”. So, then I ask why do you want to stop smoking, for health reasons, the odor, or are you doing it for your family?

Then I need to know how much research you have done? Have you read everything you can about it and know all the variables; because if you have you are a specific thinker and I need to know this. You will want the complete game plan.

Or are you a jump in a quite kind of person, you see the big picture but don’t really want to know all the inner working, just the end goal.

I am doing all this so I can understand the inner workings of YOUR mind…. so I can then reprogram your actions to a positive outcome of being a non-smoker.

There are other things I look for, representational systems, the types of words you chose to use. Are you visual or are you a kinesthetic thinker? I need to know.

Are you in-time or can you look ahead and already envision your non-smoker self. These are things that tell me how your brain processes information, I use this and much much more to trigger a new pattern of behavior, and it happens quite easily and naturally.

Then I can USE YOUR specific processing sequence to get the outcome YOU WANT.

This is pure psychology, willpower does not really come into play. I am “working the system” if you want to call it that.

I call this “smart” quitting rather than “struggle and willpower” quitting.

…And then I elicit the state of YOU as a non-smoker. I trick your subconscious mind into believing that you have already quit….hmmmm YUP!

This is the short version and you don’t have to know it all, unless your a specific thinker, then I can give you the step by step game plan. Yes there is a psychology behind quitting smoking and I can help. Or read more about me by booking a FREE 30 minute complimentary question period. https://lifecoachadele.com/fulfill-your-destiny-work-with-adele/

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