Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP gives access to the Unconscious mind


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Known as N.L.P. is a unique psychology model that gives access to the unconscious portion of the mind, bi-passing the defense mechanism of the conscious mind. N.L.P. teaches you how to learn, to motivate, and offers solutions that can positively change one’s behavior. N.L.P. allows you to enhance your strengths and strive for excellence. If you desire to improve your communication skills, N.L.P. is a game changer.

How does N.L.P. work?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a very precise form of (very slight) hypnosis. we are aware that when people are relaxed they are better able to heal and absorb positive suggestive thoughts. Science states that it is our thoughts and experiences that create the physiology within our bodies, so we can “manipulate” our “Feel good chemical processes”; our own physiology to our benefit!

When we trigger the release of feel-good chemicals from the brain , simply by engaging your mind in a process, so you no longer need cigarettes (for example) for that buzz. “This is easier than it sounds,” because the subconscious brain is very suggestible, and we use “brain science” to kinda “trick” the subconscious brain into believing you have already quit…

Sit back and think for a moment of the most relaxing experience of your life. A vacation a n special event and just by remembering you probably feel good. That means “happy chemicals” just flooded your brain. When we deepen this process by engaging all our senses, the sights, sounds and feelings of that experience, and think about it, as if you are re-living it right now. Then notice how you feel.

Because science tells us that our thoughts create the physiology within our body. So through a process of NLP, we set the brain and matching physiology up. With NLP you can set things up in your mind so the body chemistry is created automatically at the moments you need it – for example, times when you would normally want to smoke. This dramatically reduces the desire to smoke, (because your brain is getting the happy relaxing chemicals another way) so withdrawal symptoms are lessened and it makes quitting easier,” Sometimes it is immediate, but most habits take about 21 days.
In your first session; which takes a couple of hours; there’s a lot of information gathering, “I will find out how many cigarettes you smoke a day and where you smoke, for example. I also ask a lot of other questions; that may seem meaningless to you… but I ask them so I can find out how “your” brain is processing information.

And then I use your own process to your benefit. I decide on a few sequences of therapy that offer you and your brain the opportunity to practice, so you can see how easy it is to use your mind to get some instant relief from cravings.

Typically, we will go through some visualization-type exercises, and I can typically demonstrate to you in the first session how much control you actually have over your body chemistry just by using your mind.

Three one-hour sessions are recommended over a one to two week period.I also recommend clients send a daily email so we are on a program (It’s all about the brain!) for first two weeks to ensure they are using the mental techniques taught.
I want to make sure you are strengthening the anchors we have set up through the sequential patterns, make sure that you are engaging all five senses, which reprograms the conscious and unconscious mind, and tests the behavioral change.

  • N.L.P. teaches people how to use their entire brain, rather than the relying strictly on (10%) conscious mind. N.L.P. bi-passes willpower, analytical and rationing weaknesses.
  • N.L.P. promotes positive change, increases awareness of new possibilities and opportunities by expanding perceptions and opening different ways of thinking.
  • It allows a person to model or copy human excellence in any form. For example, you want to improve your golf swing, then model a gold pro. You would like to be a star athlete, model a star athletes excellence. How?  Through a process of identifying the aspects of someone who is exceptionally skilled; then through a N.L.P. process, step into their shoes and experience that persons greatness, unconsciously. N.L.P. then programs, anchors and tests the unconscious mind so that you can acquire that skill for yourself.

N.L.P. improves the most important aspects of your life: to overcome addictions, and to push yourself to be the best you can be, whether it’s with your family or on the job.

How and where can you use Neuro-linguistic Programming?
Anytime human communications skills are required: Everyday! N.L.P. can enhance results: in business consultation, any area of management, life skills or business negotiation, any level of learning and education, counseling, therapy, relationships, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance and many other areas.

Q. What can I expect from N.L.P., in terms of an end result?

Improve a student’s spelling skills; can install study ethics, or make learning fun!

Can increase a businessperson’s non-verbal rapport, communication skills and improve organizational performance and speaking skills.
N.L.P. can enhance an athlete’s concentrations and more.

Many therapies can be considered remedial, directed towards solving problems; through conscious client effort; from the past. NLP goes much deeper. It bi-passes the conscious defense mechanisms and through studying excellence, N.L.P teaches a person to access excellence, promotes positive change, which generates new possibilities and opportunities.

60 minute session: $197 +gst