Neuro-Linguistics Programming


Neuro-Linguistics Programming

Neuro-Linguistics Programming, known as N.L.P. is a combination of Linguistics, Cybernetics, Neuro-systems theory and psychology.

What is N.L.P

NLP psychologists came to understand that all experiences conscious and unconscious are processed through the central nervous system and our senses. Our linguistics gave meaning to our experiences by creating a code, organizing it within our minds and expressing it through language. It was discovered that we can re-program experiences by combining our interactive neurological systems and engaging one’s mind through a specific sequence of patterns.

What does N.L.P. do

It has the ability to motivate, teach a person how to use their brain to its upmost capacity, teaches one how to learn and excel, to make positive behavior changes. NLP teaches one how to study the excellence of others and then teaches the skills to enhance excellence in them. N.L.P. can desensitize fears; relieve emotional pain and increase awareness, perceptions and new possibilities for opportunity.

Who uses N.L.P

People that want to move beyond their limits. People that want to be successful. Actors, professional athletes, Successful business persons, Politicians, psychologists, Councillors, therapists, Homeopaths, CEO’s, Human Resource managers, people in sales. Anyone can use N.L.P. to create excellence.

When do people seek out N.L.P
  1. To overcome a habits, addictions, fears or behavior that is interfering with their lives.
  2. For big events that are causing anxiety and fears: As a public speaking, athletics, studying for exams, sales, marketing, teaching.
  3. Where ever communication is used. In business, the boardroom, family dynamics. N.L.P. teaches you how to communicate more clearly and with greater impact.
  4. Children that find school uninteresting, not very fun or difficult
  5. A person who is suffering from low self esteem
  6. A person grieving the lose of a loved one or the lose of a relationship that they can’t seem to get over.
How does N.L.P. help

N.L.P. changes the programming of old emotional experiences and creates new stronger and more empowering patterns for the mind to default to. By creating a new and stronger pattern for old behavior, fears or self-limiting beliefs lose their power. N.L.P. utilizes the unconscious mind to achieve power over Willpower, analytical and rational choices that can always be thwarted when one is hungry, angry, lonely or tired. By bi-passing these limiting mind functions we can easily and naturally gain powerful tools to expand one’s abilities now and in the future and move beyond what had held one back in the past.

Why is N.L.P. important

NLP is a game changer. It allows us to expand our minds and achieve excellence beyond what we had imagined. Once we become aware of the unlimited power of our unconscious mind and realize that we can access this power now, our belief in our future is unlimited.

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