New Behavior Generator

New Behavior Generator: 

when we want to change our behavior and willpower fails, we engage the subconscious mind and change the patterns that are limiting our success. This is a Neuro-Linguistics process that can empower change in your behavior!

  • Close your eyes and visualize a person you know that has achieved their weight loss goal.
  • Watch their behavior as is you are watching them in a movie.
    • Study their movements, how they hold themselves, confidence, language and actions.
  • Watch the movie a second time:
    • What are the nuances of their behavior, their action and conscious and unconscious strategies
    • Watch the movie again: watch their comfort level, breath patterns and eye movements. Watch their energy and aura.
    • This time when you watch the movie, breathe in rhythm and make the same eye movements and as you are watching them, take an imaginary scissors and cut that person out of the movie and put yourself into the picture.
    • Replay the movie again and envision yourself becoming comfortable in this movie, picking up the conscious and unconscious strategies, movements and aura.
    • Inhale deeply and step into the movie and feel how natural those skills and how comfortable they are to you
    • Now remember times and situations in the future where these skills will be required and that they will naturally emerge.
    • Open your eyes