NLP Stop Words, What They Are And Why They Hold You Back

We have all heard that we are what we think. And then what? often we skip along through our day without giving it another thought. And in the end have we pursued or achieved our goals. These words have the power to hold us back from our dreams.

When we truly embrace that “we are what we think” we become conscious of the thoughts flowing in and out of our mind.

Now that we know there are stop words, that when we listen to them filter through our mind… interrupt them. or when we actually see the words fall out of our mouth, brush them away.

The first clue is we become aware that we have them. This awareness is the not only the first rule of mindfulness it rings the “achievement” bell of success.


Any emotional mastery requires us to become aware. of the words that hold us back. The task? To harness the runaway brain. Condition it to focus on our highest ideals and goals. Knowing that our subconscious mind will do exactly what we ask.

Consistency trains us to be the mast of our mind, rather than letting the “monkey mind” swing us through the trees.

Check in with Stop Words in this video and see how NLP is influencing our relationship to our mind and our future.