Parents May Need a Feedback Sandwich?

Understand that a child is figuring out their world. Think of the firdst time they figured out how to turn on a light switch. Now their brain can use this information for the next time they enter a dark room, they natural reach inside and feel the wall to find the switch. Our mind is like that, using previously learned information and applying it to a future task. So like building a sandwich certain things are already pre-loaded. The problem with this is that there are times when information is no longer useful.

Life can be more complex than simply turning on a light switch. So, let’s think about it a little bit differently. Consider the mind uses previously learned information, like a road-map that we may use to navigating. and they are following the map on the road to somewhere… but it is based on an interpretation or assumption from earlier times, and filtered through beliefs and experiences. And understanding that our kids have fewer experiences, so gthe information they base their decisions on, is also limited to their life experiences. Less cause and effect experience, making them more likely to take more risks because they have been “burned” fewer times.

How can we help them make better decisions? By using a communication tool called a feedback sandwich