Toss the rose colored glasses and adopt the power of change




When nothing in life is going RIGHT… GO LEFT! change…

What does this mean? 

The Power of Change!

Change course. When NOTHING is GOING Right…GO LEFT!

“Well we won’t solve our problems with the same mindset as we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

Definition: the course that something or someone moves along. If it is not the right path then change course!

Example: We started a diet, lost a little bit of weight and gained back all the weight and more. Don’t keep repeating something that doesn’t work and expect to get a different answer.

Example: The last time we needed to work late and ended up missing dinner, a full blown fight erupted with our spouse. Did it again a few weeks later and the same response resulted. What could be a solution? Change!

Example: Drink too much and get a hangover….every time…. you need a change…

Why is it important? Because change means adaptability and that is a cornerstone to resilience which is a survival skill.

  • Because repeating behavior that doesn’t get us the results we want is like spitting in the wind!
  • Because one of these times it is really going to cost something that matters
  • Because it is counterproductive in relationships and in our careers.
  • It is self-defeating, It’s an excuse; it creates feelings of self-disappointment, frustration, lost opportunities, lost promotions and lost relationships.

Changing behavior that no longer serves us is empowering! We grow emotionally, relationships become enriched, confidence expands, and careers thrive. The rewards far outweigh the transitions of change.

Mahatma Ghandi said: “the man who thinks the same at 50 as when he was 20, has lost 30 years of his life.”

How can WE change?

It’s not a “one size fits all” approach. See what resonates with you. View change as opportunity for adaptability. It is a highly sought after skill. Win Win!

But awareness of a problem and the desire to change are first steps for all of us. We need to become conscious thinkers.  Be aware of what is not working! We have to want to change.

Think about why patterns exist. Psychology explains them as old emotional patterns of the Limbic Brain? Is drama a kick, like the “make-up” zone? Is ego involved, running the show, my way or the highway? Notice any feelings of self-importance? Any one of these can initiate sabotage….and in the end we lose. WAH..WAH..WAH..


So what to do if we’re tired of the same old response? GO LEFT! Adapt, change, teach yourself a new way…

Pick up the bootstraps and realize there is not easy fix. Nobody else is going to do the work. It rests firmly on our shoulders. Change course!

By removing ego, drama, blame and realize we all have the power of choice! This is our choice and we are doing it for ourselves.

Once the choice to change has been made things start to shift. Intention is everything. #Psychology teaches us, our behavior and action aligns behind our beliefs.

Important beliefs are values and values keep us on track.
Values motivate, give us passion to pursue our goals and make us feel satisfied. Values give us purpose.

Helpful things first, The #Psychology: Choose the behaviors you want to change. Multiple changes actually have better success than a single change. Change risky behaviors like smoking alcohol, addiction!

Remembering the benefits!

That helps us change!

Recognize if there are feelings attached to the behavior we want to change.

Without judgment take a look inside the action.

#Psychology says, if the feeling behind the action becomes conscious, then we are aware. This gives us an opportunity to:

  • Alter
  • Tweak
  • Modify

How else can we help ourselves change?

  • Set goals: prepare
  • Self-monitoring: action!
  • Self-recording changes
  • Self-discipline
  • Persevere: maintenance over time
  • Self-reward!


  • Take responsibility to be our best selves! Being better motivates us! It makes an impact on others, it changes attitude and builds trust.
  • #Psychology states, positive change makes us more authentic, more credible and likable.
  • Being committed to the person we want to be empowers other people too!
  • Inspire others, when we shift everything around us shifts
    • Doors open, other peoples response towards us shifts in a positive way, confidence is raised, respect is shown

AND? Chunk!

What does that mean?

  • Useable bites of information.
  • Keeps you in the zone and out of overwhelm.
  • Get support
  • Get a coach!
    • Coaching assists us in our life challenges and goal and offers solutions that make decisions easy.
    • Coaching gives focus, vision and structure to any change.
    • Coaching takes the fear out of change and shows you the benefits.
    • Coaching offers support so you achieve your goals and keep on track!
    • Coaching opens creative solutions when nothing is going right….Coaching shows you “LEFT”!

#Change is powerful, be the change you want to see…or consider the consequences of not changing.

Until we meet in person, stay well

Adele Anderson

[email protected]




Until we meet in person, stay well

Adele Anderson