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Health and Happiness go hand in hand. Now more than ever it is important to keep our mind free and clear of anxiety and fear. We already know that a positive mindset means a healthier immune response and offers us the ability to make great choices, and those choices include removing old habits, balanced nutrition, persistent and consistent fitness plus a positive mindset.

A healthy lifestyle is your best medicine. 78% of healthcare cost are due to an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Suppose simply by changing our lifestyle, we could reduce the incidence of disease by 78%! It sounds fantastical, but it’s that simple and that real.

Facts are that a healthy lifestyle can reduce Diabetes by 93%, heart disease by 81%, reduce the possibility of having a stroke by 50% and shrink the Cancer potential by 30 percent. These are big numbers that all support that adopting a healthy lifestyle is the largest medical intervention available.

Just like the birds and the bee’s and the flowers and the trees; you and lifestyle go hand in hand. With you and your family being the direct beneficiary.

Realizing that, we now recognize that health coaching has become the key to reducing cost of healthcare, but also keeping us all healthier for a lifetime.

The Health Coach Institute says the number one problem facing anyone choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is changing their habits. However, Neuro-science opens our awareness even habitual behaviors saying 95% of our lives are lived through habits.

I encourage you to look back in my podcasts, find the episodes on Focus and Flow. Because once we become aware of our habit stacks, we can use them to our advantage! they become an asset for powerful change. And the more we focus our awareness on change, the more intentions we become and the more change happens.

Simply notice, have you ever driven home and not remembered driving there. But there you are in your driveway. And this happens in many areas of life, to the point where you may wonder how much life is a choice? And the years go by and sometimes people find their life has passed them by.

If you have ever wished for something in life to be different, then I know you get it. There may have been times when we felt we were on a treadmill and days, weeks and years went by without fulfilling our dreams.

Allow yourself to consider that this also happens with lifestyle. if you were a fly on the wall tuning into your world, what would life look like, sound like. Imagine catching the scent of your life! Is it sweet as honey or could it use a bit of air freshener? Sadly some people think their life stinks! And that might just be the impetus to change.

Milton Erickson once said; people only change when life has become to uncomfortable to remain the same. And you may say, all in time. But sometimes time runs out in the form of an illness. Suddenly change has happened and more change is needed.

Slowly, we hope health will return, but what if we considered making the little step by step changes now to up-level our immune systems and our health. No one would choose to be ill, but sometimes our lifestyle has gotten to the point where we become susceptible. Perhaps the time is now, with the world facing a pandemic, health is on everyone’s mind.

But no matter how much good advise we get, there is the fact that habits hold us back from maintaining good intention. It is said that bad habits are the number one problem in harmonizing our health.

Suppose there was a step by step, supportive option? It’s a good thing you’re healthy now! I don;t need to tell you, many people are struggling, with illness, with stress to the point that their immune systems become compromised.

Because we now understand that stress hormones and chemical instantly disrupt immune function, and I wonder how many people realize that? And change can initiate stress too, because our reptilian brain; trying to keep us safe; by only doing things that are familiar to us. But not much is familiar these days. Many changes exist in everyone’s life and that also affects our happiness levels, because we worry.

We know now that change can be difficult, more so without having the tools to navigate the stress that change creates. But tools are available now. Proven effective tools to reduce stress and create calm now. And soon, to adopt harmonious lifestyle choices that make us naturally healthier and happier.

So what to do now? Small steps to remove overwhelm. Did you know that the condition of our house keeping can be a reflection of our mind? Yup, Psychology says the out world reflects our inner world.

So maybe today, we can adopt a little organizing. One small area each day. Maybe it’s the dining room table that you may be using for an office these days. Just clear that of clutter. Look at schedulers, what time can be opened up to add more space in your day.

This may be the most productive time, as we are sequestered in our homes. Once your space is free of clutter, evaluate how you feel.

Facts are that even baby steps eventually lead to giant leaps.

What else can you do today? Discover and even adopt one natural immunity step. Reduce and remove processed foods, for example. Or set a earlier bed time ritual. Look at your current habit stacks and add one little healthy choice into your stack.

The more baby steps the more we feel better. The better we feel, the more baby steps we want to take.

Perhaps now is the time to engage a health coach to help you transition lifestyle changes. Something you have considered for a while, so maybe it’s time?

Many health coaches are masters at habit change. And changing one’s habits is the single largest component of adopting and completing the lifestyle changes needed for good health.

Join the movement, health coaching is known as lifestyle medicine, lifestyle intervention and the key to healthcare!

Join the movement to enjoy a healthier and happier life!

In the next 90 days you gently remove old, discover new, refresh others and adopt new healthy life skills to naturally and easily up-level health for your body, mind and soul. Tune into how easy it can be to provide your body with the essential and key elements of god health, by understanding nutritional basics as well as must haves. Set aside worry. Remember, you are not alone. I’m here every step of the way. So you can take control of your health and happiness today.

This virtual online program is designed to support you as you get all the right ingredients for a well-balanced life-style. A holistic approach to harmonize your body, mind and soul. And as you already know, self care is essential for your well-being and that of your family! Tune into our weekly broadcast, snuggle into good reads, feel inspired, supported and clear of mind.

Together, we shall rise up, stronger, healthier and wiser than ever before. Naturally recover and rebuild health and happiness, so you can relax and feel more informed, better equipped and in control of whatever life throws at you!

We will use the latest information and tools available in natural health care. To make it even easier, increasing your capacity to learn by utilizing N.L.P. Another amazing life skill. (Neuro-Linguistics Programming)

then, join our online Health and Happiness membership community today. Today, more than any other time in this world, is the time to up-level your self care for a healthy and happy future.


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