Feel Better Today Call: SOULutions Through Inner Exploration And Discoveries




This 75 minute session is Spirit combined with science so we can begin to heal your pain, grief and anxieties, so may experience peace, and feel calm and in control of your life today

You were meant to be happy, but sometimes there life falls apart, or there may be parts of us that haven’t healed from the past.

When this happens, emotions rise up and interfer with our life today.

But, realize now, that the human brain and body are intelligent can heal. I believe, we were never meant to stuggle with a painful life experience, rather we are meant to learn and recover, even thrive.

But sometimes we need help processing stuck emotions.

Through a multi dynamic and supportive process, we can engage in healing.

When there is grief, let’s talk about death, loss and how we can heal ourselves from deep loss.

This may include, the philoshophy of where east and western philosophy converge.
The impermanence of life, we know we are only here, on this planet, for a period of time. And then what?
The Souls Journey
Life After Death
Your SOuls Purpose

I believe death is simply an evolution of our consciousness. We move on, without our physical body, but we do move on.

Science is studying the phenomena of life beyond death and reaching new understandings every day, but right now, you or a friend or family member may be coping or not coping with a devastating loss of a loved one.

Let’s begin with a conversation, create a plan and move into the doing and experiencing relief.

A multi-dimentional approach to body, mind and spirit. The spirit: meditations, connecting with yours and the universe consciousness for insight, acceptance, and purpose.

The Science: Neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics, and systems theory. Learn how and experience Neuro-Linguistics Programming and how it can transform your mental and emotional wellness, remove self limiting beliefs, empower life today and liberate mind freedom.

SOULutions for your self and your family.


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