Happiness 10

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Happiness 10

introduces natural and easy guides for installing happiness. In a world that is increasingly demanding, sometimes we lose connection with our happiness. Re-engage your happiness and feel more peaceful and in control of your life with Happiness 10. My FREE gift for you. Get happiness 10 today. Watch the release of Happiness 101


I love waking up and feeling happy. You know the moments when consciousness peeks through a still dark room, and you feel joy inside? I can feel myself smile, stretching energy back into sleepy muscles. These are the days I anticipate great things from myself. WHY? ! Because our “unstoppable” comes with HAPPY!

And when happy, I am a lot more fun to be around! haha!

But I didn’t always feel that way. There were times I felt too busy and too tired to be happy. Moody and impatient is just word another unhappy. But then I looked around and I notice something.

This was my life and I was missing out! An epiphany; I needed to change my self, but how?

It took a near death experience to fully changed. My unhappy mindset was forever shattered; in a good way; after I survived a plane that crashed and flipped in Pitt river.

Sunrise and sunsets brought tears after my near demise. So incredibly beautiful, why had I not taken the time to notice. The grass shocked my senses with bright green and fresh breath. Birds I never knew turned their heads, listening to my stillness. Sang so brightly for the sake of their song. Things were more alive to me now, than ever before. I was struck by wonder of the world. And the biggest wonder of them all, I felt instant and eternal happiness. For a time and then I slipped back into old ways.

But there was a difference. I knew that Happiness lived within me. If I wanted happiness, it could be my experience.

Spontaneous happiness.

Today, I know now that MY MINDSET creates and sustains my happiness. Today I know that happiness is my choice.

I choose to be happy.

I wish you a mind filled with sunshine. Enjoy

and may you experience your best life.


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xoxox Adele


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