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Happiness 101

I know I didn’t have it. I had moments where I felt happy. But often I just felt like I was waiting for something. I hadn’t quite discovered what. That came later…

Neuro-Science says  happiness is a quality we all possess. It is more than just a feeling. Happiness defines everything about life. From feeling inspired, being creative, passionate and adventurous. To pursuing our goals, building wealth, careers and developing a calling. Happiness influences our success in love and sustaining relationships.

Happiness means we feel in control of our destiny. 

Ever had that awesome feeling of being in complete control of your destiny? Then there are times in life when we feel anything but in control. Life becomes busy and we feel tired. Sleepless nights makes us feel like a hamster running a wheel.  Maybe we feel we’ve totally lost it.

Thank-fully there is grace.

We know now there are proven methods that re-build, sustain and expand happiness. So we can direct our destiny. It is also these times when we move forward through change.

Why? We know deep inside us we know that change is needed.

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Change is natural and healthy. And so is creating sustainable happiness.

But for many, change makes us feel out of control. And that’s natural too. And that’s the catch? When not changing is interfering with your happiness. Your life…

How? Look beyond today. After reading Happiness 101 you’ll have tools. That will help you get your control back. I invite you to relax now…

I encourage you now to take a long slow deep breath.

We know the simple act of listening to breath relaxes us. When feeling stressed, just take 5 or more slow breaths inward and out. Feel the rhythm of your own life force. Then expand your senses and imaging connecting with beautiful beach. Inside your mind watch yourself stroll the shoreline. In rhythm to calm ocean waves entering and leaving the beach. Listen as your breath, like ocean waves slowly rolling into and out of your body.

Move you senses out further, feel a slight ocean breeze. it filters through your hair as it moves towards the tall grass lining the beach edge.

Now imagine that you allow both wind and waves to flow into and filter softly through your mind. Imagine each breath cooling anxiety and washing your stress away. And then you know…

Change is easier than you may think.

Imagine understanding and having expansive and empowering mind tools. That you can use today!

Happiness 101 creates a “ripple” effect.

As you weave gently through Happiness 101, you will discover more of yourself. Stories may resonate. Others nudging a perspective shift. Happiness 101 accepts the unmistakable truth; that happiness is an ingrained human experience.

Trust in the human spirit

Your ability to create happiness is possible through a mindful, experience of growth and gratitude.

Welcome to Happiness 101

xox Adele


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