Hearts in Harmony


Relationships suffer when communication struggles. Define your relationships top 8 communication strategies. Identify shared values and establish a clear vision for your future. These simple and proven happiness builders can bring the honeymoon back.

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When it feels like the Honeymoon is over and now this is life! And you’re not happy…. When you desire and deserve happiness and harmony in your partnership, but are struggling. Struggling can be stressful and heartbreaking.

WHY? because you dreamed it would be blissful. And you know your marriage is worth it. What you really desire is a deeper passionate and loving connection with your partner.


This 90 minute session can establish a bridge.

  • Receive the 8 most effective tools to strengthen and clarify communication.
    • Defining the Meta Model
  • Realize the 2 key values you share, the ones that made you realize you we’re meant for each other.
  • Begin the journey into Heart harmony, establishing a common vision for your future.

Long lasting harmony and happiness is possible.


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