How will I experience working with Adele look like, feel like, work?



I do offer 75 minute sessions at 167, but this is one rarely recommended as Rome wasn’t built in a day…
And know that personal growth is one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences you can gift yourself.
The most popular route and my recommendation is 4 (X) 75 minute sessions at 497   (+gst)
My sessions include philosophy, bridging science and spirit. Within the session, you will experience a variety of processes that could include personalized guided visualizations, meditations, and NLP processes.
We begin with an exploration of your mind processes, so I can discover and then work with your mind rather than against it’s natural flow.
You will be asked to set a goal, together we will achieve that goal through actionable processes that you will experience in each session.
Each session will expand on the previous one, that will facilitate reaching or accomplishing your goal.
Some goals take more than one session, others are accomplished in a single session. When that happens, we create another goal.
The process is always reviewed and tested for effectiveness during the session.
And if you feel you require a boost, a recording of each session will be available to you in a google drive file I will set up for your private use. So, you can revisit it at any time.


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