How will I experience working with Adele look like, feel like, work?



Just testing the waters? Not sure what grief and soul coaching can do for you? Will you feel better, yes. Will you sleep better, yes.
Will you improve your ability to cope, yes. Will you experience joy, yes.
And know that nothing happens that doesn’t require us to do something.
And know that a painful emotional energy can be transformed and we can be experience deeply rewarding  personal growth.
Through my personal grief journey, I understand the depth of pain and it can feel overwhelming at times.
But I found a combination of natural health, neuro-science processes and a spiritual practice that created inner peace, calm and happiness. I found a deeper level of clarity and purpose and you can too.
The process is natural, caring, compassionate, honouring you and your loss. Together we weave together the support you require to feel safe, nurtured and at peace.
My sessions include philosophy, bridging science and spirit. Within the session, you will experience a variety of processes that could include personalized guided visualizations, meditations, and NLP processes and spiritual rituals
Each session will expand on the previous one, that will facilitate healing and recovery.
I am here for you and your family, as you traverse one of the most difficult times in your lives. Stay well xoxo Adele


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