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When we want to lose weight, we must see it like a puzzle that we are creating inside our minds. What are we really asking of our selves.


Imagine that our thoughts and words are like either putting together a puzzle or dismantling barriers. Because the approach is unique to you and can make all the difference to the outcome.


What do I mean?  The inner working of your mind are in play, following your exact thought pattern. Listening to the clues, like “try” or “do” in reference to losing weight.

When we think of the science behind losing weight, we understand that the thoughts and words we use actually make the difference.


By using the word try (a stop word) we have already started the process of “wishy washy” “come see come saw”. It is considered a “maybe” I will process inside your mind that you exacting mind doesn’t know what to do with. And so


it does nothing…. and your weight loss desire is sabotaged.

So do you know if you are releasing the burden or looking forward to a new thinner body.

Both play differently inside everyone’s mind.


Releasing the burden is fear based. Where looking forward is enjoyment based. Which one are you?

What I’m about to reveal is that there are 8 different decision making Meta Programs clicking away inside every choice we make. Know what you big 8 are, empowers the process, so you can choose not only the right language but tune into your bodies natural rhythm and strength. Join this 5 series weight loss program.




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