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Every day provides us with new horizons, but do we take them? Now you can!  Each and each month we offer an opportunity for your future to be filled with possibilities and potential.

Imagine a better future now, loud and clear focus today, to achieve that same future. I know you are aware that you have one of the most powerful processors on this planet! Maybe you already know how to access it’s power? There are proven and effective NLP tools to give you access today.

And with NLP Practitioner training, you will learn how you can have access this abundant brain everyday. Imagine if you were to have this access, where you would be in a little over 3 months. Once you have experienced the power of your incredible mind, you could be looking beyond old patterns and actively achieving the life of your dreams. Join now!

You mind is the most magnificent tool, brilliant, self regulating and designed to do exactly what you ask. It is your servant and will carry out your wishes to the tee. But what happens when we say; “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”? Well, it believes us, that’s it’s job. And the cool thing is we can dial our brilliance in, like fine-tuning your favorite station till everything becomes crystal clear.

But some are missing out, through no fault of their own, they simply are not wired that way, yet. But they could be. Somewhere in their past, they have these nagging beliefs, that clog their ability to see their potential, or sometimes to even move at all. They feel stuck and uninspired. And sadly some live their entire lives feeling that way…

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t have to be that way, our minds are primed for infinite possibility, if we just clear the path for that brilliance to express itself. And NLP, or Neuro-linguistics programming can open this path to greatness.

Unlock your brilliance by joining like minded people. You will find your tribe, feel seen, heard and feel safe. Your dreams are waiting for you to reach out and grasp them.

Group classes are held online, 14 interactive (average) one hour sessions, live classes are also recorded and downloadable so you never miss out, plus downloadable good reads, and podcast audio’s. Whatever your minds design, we have it dialed in for you.

Register for NLP practitioner Certification, and expand your perception of what is possible. And as you enjoy the good life, you could share with others, so they can overcome their life challenges too.

Chapter 1: Introduction To ANLP
Conscious and Subconscious Mind Video
Chapter 2: Building Rapport, Sensory Acuity, Opening Your Senses, Eyes wide/soft
Chapter 3: Eye Assessing Clues, Representational Systems 4 Tuple, Predicates
Chapter 4: Sensory Perceptional strategies
Chapter 5: Sub-Modality Distinctions, Questions: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
States of Excellence
Chapter 6: Major Presuppositions of NLP
Chapter 7: Meta Models, Information gathering: the key to successful interactions Meta Model chart: Deletions , Distortions , Generalizations Anchoring
Anchoring and Adding a Resource

Chapter 8: Chaining Anchors, Behavior Transfer, Changing Personal History, Truth or Lie Exercise

Chapter 9: Eliminating Fears, Visual Squash with Regression, Visual Squash,
The Swish Pattern Computer Swish, Godiva Chocolate Pattern
Chapter 10: Godiva Chocolate Pattern, New Behavior Generator, NLP
Handshake Interrupt, Pattern Re-Parenting, How to Mend a Broken Heart, 6 Step Re-framing Outline NLP, Non-Verbal Induction
Chapter 11: Building Self Confidence, Developing Self-appreciation Metaphor for Change
Chapter 12: Universal Modeling process, Met-Model outline summary
Chapter 13: Timelines

Chapter 14
NLP Practitioner Final Exam (instructions




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