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You are a coach that loves to learn, and finds it important to have the latest tools at your fingertips to support your clients in the best way possible. You are a source of inspiration to others and especially to your clients. That is why you recieve so many referrals. Your clients love you fo all you offer and they understand that you will have the tools to get them through whatever is troubling them, including their blocks and behaviours.

You also enjoy the group environment and the ability to network and engage and practice with others. Classmates become colleagues and sometimes friends.
If this is you, then this NLP certification is for you. Collaboration, engagement and experiental in nature. You will learn and become certified in the latest in NLP techniques and mind sciences.

And gain more benefits! Having fun learning and unlocking your brilliance by joining like minded people. You will find your tribe, feel seen, heard and feel safe. Your dreams of being a highly sought after coach, is waiting.

Group classes are held online, 10 interactive (average) one hour sessions, live classes are also recorded and downloadable so you never miss out, plus downloadable good reads, and podcast audio’s. Whatever your minds design, we have it dialed in for you.

Chapter 1
Introduction To ANLP
Conscious and Subconscious Mind Video
Chapter 2
Building Rapport
Sensory Acuity
Opening Your Senses
Eyes wide/soft
Eye Assessing Clues
Representational Systems 4 Tuple
Sensory Perceptional strategies
Chapter 3
Visual Squash with Sub-Modality Distinctions
Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
Tic Tack Toe
States of Excellence
Major Presuppositions of NLP
Chapter 4
Meta Models
Information gathering: the key to successful interactions
Meta Model chart: Deletions , Distortions , Generalizations
References: Addendum A
Anchoring and Adding a Resource
Chapter 5
Chaining Anchors
Behavior Transfers
Changing Personal History
Truth or Lie Exercise

Chapter 6
Eliminating Fears
New Behavior Generator
Godiva Chocolate Pattern
The Swish Pattern
Computer Swish

Chapter 7
NLP Handshake Interrupt
How to Mend a Broken Heart 6 Step
Re-framing Outline NLP Non-Verbal
NLP Non Verbal Induction
Chapter 8
Building Self Confidence
Developing Self-appreciation
Metaphor for Change
Chapter 9
Universal Modeling process
Met-Model outline summary
Appendix: Timelines
Appendix: Dave Elman Induction
Chapter 10
NLP Practitioner Final Exam (instructions)
References and gratitude



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