Powerhouse 8 hour Coaching Session


There are times when we are either spinning our wheels or simply feeling we have lost our purpose. So why stay in that space when you know there is so much more.

You’re dynamic, super smart, accomplished and yet you get up in the morning feeling uninspired. You are not alone. And you’re right on track for transformation.

These are the signs, the discontent and dis-satisfaction have reached the point where you are ready to change. But with-out  a mid-life crisis. Yes these are the time when you may see people bolt.

Into another life, another job or relationship that soon finds them back in the same cycle. Why? Because our minds are encouraging us to move forward; be more on purpose. Rather than running another cycle of parallels.

These are the secrets inside the journey. Learn more today…

It’s your health, your life, your journey, so let’s take it to the next level.




You feel you need answers and are ready to get it done. This 8 hour powerhouse session takes place in person or on zoom.

Do something powerful for yourself today. A powerhouse session combines education, timeline therapy and empowerment implementation.

Clear your mind of distraction, your heart of distress and empower your soul purpose. Anything is possible when we make the right choices

Do it now.


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