SOULutions: Self Compassion, Rituals for Thriving, Not Just Surviving Your Grief




Gentle processes to support and nurture your soul to ease the grief that you feel.

In 4 (X) 75 minute sessions you will make great strides in your ability to feel and initiate balance for yourself and your emotions

Emotional pain can result in physical pain, exhaustion and lack of purpose. It might feel like it takes great effort just to get out of bed. You could be waking and feeling unrefreshed. Sometimes life feels overwhelming.

I have been there. I experienced deep mourning after the death of my spouse, I have never felt so debilitated. I was extremely grateful for all the work I had completed in the years prior to this life altering experience. But there was more learning and “doing” that was required by me to process and recover from this tremendous loss.

No one can do the work for us, but I have to say, the pain through this journey can be eased yhrough a holistic and nurturing process of spiritual rituals and science.

We will engage in natural nuero scientific processed that are easily learned. Right away you will experience relief. The processes are known to relieve anxiety, so you can feel emotionally calm and peacefulness, but also so your body can relax and feel at ease.

When we feel more relaxed, we naturally sleep better.

Spiritual SOULutions: visualizations, meditations, spiritual readings, reccomended resources and support for body, mind and soul.

We continue to deepen relief with each session. NLP processes will shift mindset towards happiness. Meditations will faciliatate connection to higher levels of consciousness, Akashik Record readings to bring insight and purpose, and sacred rituals for renewal


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