Stress Relief Hacks Is As Easy As 54321


Printable version for your home, office or kids room. useful and effective tools for learning how we can manage our stress naturally and easily



When stress is getting to you and you just wish you had something natural and effective to feel yourself again. It may be time to learn a few brainhacks.

  1. Emotion is located in the middle part of our Brain, when we are “feeling” an emotion this is where our focus is.
    1. An effective stress relief tool to move our mind’s focus into an area of our brain that is not “emotional”
    2. The neo cortex is our cognitie functioning brain, this is the brain that allows us to learn things like identifying things in our environment, writing, creating. It is reasonable and rational in nature.
  2. When we are “feeling” stress, move your attention into the neo cortex

How? by performing a cognitive function. The chart that you see is called many things. Some call it the fire drill, I simply call it 54321. The idea is that we shift our focus into our frontal brain by identifying things. A deeper form of focus would be to srite down or “journal” your 54321

5. things that you notice on the outside of your body

4 things you can see

3 things you can hear

2 things that you smell

1 thing you can taste

The end result is, we are first hacking our brain and, training our mind to move through this process whenever we feel stressed. It can be repeated for any troublesome emotion. For more brain hack and cool tips for personal development, connect with me: [email protected]



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