WordSmithing for Podcast Writing


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Choosing to use or tune into the power of words to expand your influence, can be as effortless and easy as choosing the right words at the right time. Words represent our experience of the world and give a writer insight into what makes a person tick or turn away.

Inviting a listener into our stories by striving to include as many thinking styles as possible. Words become the string instruments of the orchestra! Liberators of understanding and “shifters” of perception.

Words and phrases inspire a listeners mind to envision a different experience than what they may be having now. A peak into a future or an idea that could possibly be new.

The words we choose to use, reflect our mind, but may not resonate or build the rapport and trust we intend. I probably don’t have to tell you because you already know, that rapport builds trust and people engage with those they trust.

And building the trust you desire, maybe as effortless and easy as harmonizing verbs, adverbs and adjectives today.


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