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Filters a parenting conversation NLP

Filters narrow information

When our predetermined conception of the world become our norm and creates a selective memory. We tend to filter towards what we do like, and filter out what we don’t.

Think of like making a perfect cup of tea. It personalized. But also think that maybe everyone has their perfect cup of tea. And they are all different. But this cup of tea, filters our much of what the world is. All the different reali”teas” are filtered out. So imaging trying out a new cup of eta. One you have never tried before. What would your world sound like? WHY? because you child is drinking their own tea…. and mis-communicating.

Parents need a feedback sandwich?

Understand that a child is figuring out their world. Think of it like navigating a roadmap, and they are following the map on the road to somewhere… but it is based on an interpretation or assumption, based on our beliefs and experiences. And kids have fewer experiences, so they base their decisions on limited life experiences. Less cause and effect. So they take more risks because they have been “burned” fewer times.

Feedback sandwich

NLP Eye assessing Cues for parents. Truth or lie?

Is it the truth? or…

There are times when you just need to know. Their safety is at risk, your not sure what to believe. There are those times, the times you wish you could read their mind.

And now you can, because the mind gives us clues. In the position the eye moves when it recalls information or creates it. Learn eye assessing cues and listen and lean into that conversation.

Is it the truth? or…

There are times when you just need to know. Their safety is at risk, your not sure what to believe. Then is the times you wish you had

NLP Loops and Conversation

Loops in connection to empowerment. Whenever we ask ourselves a question. We run through a variety of filters, inside our mind. Based on experiences, beliefs systems, self esteem, environment and emotions.

In our children, we notice that their natural stage of psychological evolution is in full play. Defining their experience, understanding how every experience is building either empowering or self limiting beliefs. What is working and what is not? Answers can be found in the loops we witness in their behavior.

Look into your childs eyes as you ask them wuestions and you can see their mind shifting through these processes.

NLP highlights sharing in conversations

Empowering the conversation through safety.

Empowering our communication through NLP. How do we effectively communicate? I’ve noticed when we create an environment conducive to sharing, conversation naturally and easily happen.

I also notice and you may also find it curious that we tend to speak differently to different ages; young and old. When people speak a different language we may notice we speak louder.

How can we truly empower our ability to communicate? NLP provides us with strategies. In all things safety is necessary. Safety creates the environment where all people of all race, culture and age can share ideas.

NLP parenting and negative Cycles

parenting and Negative Cycles

In ourselves and creating them in our children. Being the parent and mentor to our child. Why? Because they are mimicking us. And they can only be broken through consistent attention towards our emotional mastery.

NLP is a tool that is known for the ability to change behavior, motivate and to instal the excellence of others. The first key to change is the awareness that change is eeded.

NLP anchoring

When we have an image of anchoring, maybe it is attached to a boat. Creating a connection to a safe haven. But anchoring can be religious symbols, a place, sound, memories and more.

In NLP, anchoring is directed. Choosing a place on the body to link a certain emotion inside the mind, so it can be recalled at will.

NLP also associates unwanted behaviors, memories and emotion to a dedicated “anchor” and then through a NLP process, shifts the associated meaning towards a high performance or positive state, then re-anchoring.